1. J

    volume mıxer on computer

    hı can anyone help my volüme on the volüme mıxer ıs turned up to hıghest sound level on ınternet explorer but everytıme ı open a new wındow the sond adjusts to hardly hearable. Can anyone suggest why thıs ıs happenıng and how ı can have thıs sound level fıxed to the maxımum ı need.
  2. T

    Volume icon disappeared?

    Hi I am confused the volume icon has disappeared from the task bar on my laptop, when I go to properties the volume icon is turned off but it will not allow me to turn it on. Would be great if anyone can tell me how I can get the volume icon back please. At the moment I cannot turn the volume...
  3. A

    Restaurants/Bars Music Volume

    Further to this thread http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/altinkum-forum/49997-re-quiet-akbuk-boat-trips.html in the Altinkum section I would like to mention here in the Akbuk section that I have introduced on my website the facility for visitors to Akbuk restaurants/bars to vote on the music...
  4. peter the postie

    Here comes Motown Volume 2 folks :)

    Glad people are making use of this. I am off to Altinkum tomorrow (10th sept) so the next volume won't be uploaded for a couple of weeks. Following on from the previous thread and comments made, I have decided to pull the link I originally posted here. Sorry guy's.
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