1. E


    Does anybody know if there is a group of volleyball players (not professional, just for fun), that meets for regular play in alanya?
  2. tykatem

    Beach Volleyball

    last night I sat down and tuned in to watch the volleyball between US and China expecting to see a game consisting of skill and dexterity between two opposing teams, But NOOOO all I got was extremely gratuitous close ups of sweaty ladies and heaving breast shots, now I had to tolerate over an...
  3. shirleyanntr

    world beach volleyball championships

    this is a World Championship beach volley ball between Universities and played on Oba beach Alanya...so you get to see a bit of Alanya and theres some really pretty young girls competing from all over the matches are live on Digiturk channel 78.Spormax well worth having a look
  4. C

    Ladies beach volleyball tournament

    Anyone know the date for the ladies beach volleyball tournament this year? I think its July sometime???
  5. YogiPJ


    Does anyone know of any regular beach volleyball games on the peninsula, or if not would anyone be interested in starting one up? I played recently in Jamaica & found it to be a very sociable game with the added benefit of helping you keep fit. Any of you guys out there up for it? Pete p.s...
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