1. mollag

    vodaphone sim

    I am on a Turkish cep. vodaphone sim, new this week. When I check my balance i find it isnt reducing despite my texting and phoning, am I doing summit wrong ? I use the star 123 hash===send facility.
  2. W

    Vodaphone Turkey - Pay As You Go

    I know there has been a lot of comments about mobile phones in the past, but does anyone know if you buy a mobile phone from Vodaphone Turkey if they have a "pay as you go"plan/contract as their web site appears to list their 24 month contract prices only? I don't really want to buy a Turkish...
  3. hijo

    For Sale - Nokia mobile on Vodaphone

    ...... For Sale Vodaphone ,Turkish Registered ,90 Tl ...... :307bt:
  4. R

    Vodaphone MiFi

    I have been given a brand new boxed vodaphone mi fi. Can I get it unlocked then take it to Altinkum vodaphone and purchase a Sim. does anybody know if this will work? I have raed stories that as I have not bought my mifi in turkey it will be blocked? Any help please?
  5. B

    Turkish Vodaphone

    Hi, Looking for some help with a Turkish Vodaphone PAYG Sim that has just been switched off. Unfortunately Due to being in the UK I have forgotten to top up my Vodaphone Sim card and it as just been switched off. If I call the customer services will they switch it back on for me? I have a 20...
  6. J

    Vodaphone Dongle

    I purchased a Vodaphone Dongle last year and although it would not work inside our apartment in Hunters Valley it worked well while sitting on the balconies and everywhere else we went in Altinkum. This year it is not working at all at the Complex and neither is the Vodaphone Dongle owned by one...
  7. N

    vodaphone dongle

    Could some one please tell me the charge for unlimited pay as you go vodaphone dongle monthly or weekly to strem tv/etc. regards Neil
  8. culturevulture

    Vodaphone texts

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the language from Turkish to English, on text messages I receive from Vodaphone. It was not possible a while back. Have Vodaphone introduced it yet? Mary.
  9. N

    Vodaphone dongle

    I have a vodaphone dongle in the uk ,As any body used one they have brought in the uk as a pay as you go, And get it topped up in turkey on there service provider 20tl unlimited a week / and works fine?.
  10. J


    can i use vodaphone top-up vouchers over in turkey? I know I can't buy them there so am I better off just putting in as much credit as poss before I go,or can i keep some as a reserve?
  11. Ian2006

    Vodaphone Messages in Turkish

    Probably been asked before but is there any way I can get the messages in English!!! I am sure it must be costing me a fortune missing all the offers they keep sending me on my Turkish pay as you go mobile !!!
  12. ceemac

    £10 Vodaphone Mobile For Turkey

    Vodafone release the £10 phone: Vodafone 150 destined for India, Turkey and Africa Here C
  13. G

    Vodaphone shop hates foreigners

    I have just recently bought a new telephone from The Vodaphone Shop opposite Chevie in Ortaga. I complained after four days as the new phone was never switched on by the provider. I called into the shop with a Turkish friend, the guy behind the counter was so rude, he said my passport was no...
  14. L

    Turkish Vodaphone Sim Card

    :438qr: I have recently purchased a Vodaphone sim card for my turkish phone, does anyone know how to set up international roaming so that I can top-up my phone from the Uk whilst I'm at home, thanks, sharon
  15. KKOB


    Haven't Vodaphone just announced the takeover of one of the Turkish mobile companies? If so this bit of news copied from the AoL News site is interesting. Vodafone reveals losses of £14.85bn Mobile phone giant Vodafone has unveiled annual losses of £14.85 billion and said it planned to cut...
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