1. R

    Vita Park Golf Course

    Hi - can anyone tell me if the golf course has opened up again or not? Cheers .................. Anne
  2. D

    Vita park golf course

    Can anyone give me some info on Vita Park Golf Course. How many holes are there? How much is a round of golf? How much to hire clubs? I cant seem to get onto their website I can't get past the first page where you chose your language. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks in anticipation.
  3. B

    Golf at Vita Park

    Anyone played Vita Park Golf Resort? We understand it´s the golfcourse closes to Akbuk. We are considering playin it the 25th of April ( lower greenfees on Mondays). Anyone care to join us?
  4. N

    How's Vita Park golf course doing?

    Now that the course has being opened for a while now does anybody have any news or information on how its doings and is work still going on at the second course as well as the rest of the facilities that were planned. I did check out their website but there's not a lot of up to date information...
  5. ceemac

    Expats' exodus as Brits give up on la dolce vita

    On Monday evening, after 19 years in Italy, the British writer Steve Farrand walked out of his flat in the city of Livorno, Tuscany, for the last time. Having spent one final night on Italian soil in a local hotel, Farrand then headed for Pisa airport: destination Stansted, and a permanent...
  6. Lindacm

    Vita Park

    Can anyone give any information on the Vita Park Golf course? Are there 1 or 2 courses and are they available for pay & play? Has anyone played them? My husband is a keen golfer and hoping to play the course/s if it's good, reasonable & available. A:thanks:ny info anyone? Linda
  7. C

    Vita Park Golf Resort

    Hi I have emailed the pro who tells me the course is open €58 per round however call me a doubting Thomas but has anyone actually played it and is it worth bring clubs over:angel:
  8. C

    Villa wanted near Vita Golf

    I am looking for a detached or semi detached villa as close to Vita park Golf as possible with either sea or golf view but NOT on a big complex. Up to 200k euros, ready built. Agents I have contacted all talk about the Flamingo's, Lakeside's and Turquoise sites and none of them seem to...
  9. N

    Vita park Golf

    Any word on the Vita Park golf course according to its website its due to open on the 27th of June ?
  10. Mary

    Vita Park Golf Course/timeshare

    Hi, Just returned from Tuzla. Er well here goes. Golf Course? Imaginery! I ask myself what golf course,where, on the moon I think, cos it aint there. a big fat nothing. Oh! another petrol station going up though, near Trinity and Artev, lots of these but golf - in Turkish Dreams! Next- timeshare...
  11. B

    Vita Park golf

    Hi Does anyone know the present situation of the Vita Park golf complex? The last I heard was that some of it should be be playable by the beginning of Sept Thankyou for any information. Baz
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