1. N

    Emporium / laguna vista /

    Hi there, Anyone involved with this project, please get in touch, I need to gather as much information to put forward to the fraud office, I have a meeting with them next week, let's hope all involved in the scam will be dealt with accordingly!
  2. M

    Laguna Vista

    Hi Folks, just finding my way around this site. I wondered if anybody has information on the Laguna Vista complex at Akbuk?. Thanks, Mac
  3. M

    Laguna Vista

    Hi Folks, Recently put down a deposit on a development called laguna vista. Was wondering if any one can give me advice on this. Thanks.
  4. N

    Laguna Vista akbuk turkey

    Just enquiring is there anyone out there who have recently bought an apartment villa at this proposed new site in akbuk? Can they get in touch as in would like to form a group to discuss recent developments. Thank you especially if younhave used knight Knox international as the agent
  5. I

    Anyone heard of Vista Fractional, or Vista Capital

    Anybody on here ever hear of Vista Fractional, or Vista Capital? They say that they're in the property selling game and will sell your property by getting a group of people to buy it, they then share different weeks throughout the year. I ask, because a dear old friend thinks she's been...
  6. K

    windows vista

    i am having problems with my computer in gumbet, it has 'windows vista' op. system, has anyone other than myself had problems or could it be that i have a problem in my computer? --krb
  7. Yogi

    Emporium Resort Akbuk?

    Does anyone know where this resort is? I've just received an email trying to flog me an apartment there. I'm not interested but have not actually heard of this resort before.
  8. M

    Marina vista complex

    A friend of mine has been offered a apartment on Marina vista ,he would like to check with members on forum if anyone has any views on the complex before he decides what to do.
  9. H

    majesty marina vista hotel bodrum

    Travelling to Bodrum in early August and staying at Majesty Marina Vista Hotel in Bodrum. Would like to hear any reviews from other guests who have stayed at this hotel. Also would like to know cost of taxi from Bodrum Airport to Hotel. What about Bus from airport to centre of Bodrum? Also...
  10. altinkum kev

    Wanted Vista Reinstallation DVD

    Anyone in Altinkum area have a vista Reinstallation disc that i can borrow so i can re format my lap top, cant seem to find mine, i did have the vista premium disc but i guess any will do. i promise to return it......
  11. Andy

    Vista or Windows

    Are you happy with Vista, or do you prefere Windows, have you tried the new Vista that has been around now for a year + Vote in the poll. I had Windows for 2 years before getting a new computer and the new Vista package,and have had more trouble in the last 3 months using Vista than in the 2...
  12. spitfire

    Free Windows Vista

    Free Windows Vista 2 Beta CDs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great offer i thought all our members should be first in the line..I have even given you the correct answers as you need to do a quiz before they send it to you ...
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