1. L

    Visitors visa question

    Hi Guys, My tourist visa expires on the 7th September. As I will be in Turkey on that date can I apply for a new visa starting on the 8th September before I go on the 1st September? Hope that makes sense! Regards
  2. M

    Unexpected visitors

    Got back last night after a great day with the family only to find my house had been rifled. Broke the glass on a large patio door and walked through.
  3. suzyq

    New NHS rules for foreign visitors

    New rules have come into force that require all providers of treatment on the NHS to establish if patients are eligible for free care as part of efforts to tackle health tourism. Read more: Foreign visitors could face upfront NHS charges under new rules | Daily Mail Online Follow us...
  4. suzyq

    Hidden paradise welcomes visitors in northern Aegean

    With a past that stretches back to antiquity, Çanakkale’s Yeşilyurt village is drawing more and more interest from tourists eager to sample its natural beauty and view its old stone houses. With its unspoiled nature and old stone houses, the Yeşilyurt village on the skirts of the Kaz Mountains...
  5. C

    A Little Clarity on Who Pays for NHS Services
  6. Akasya

    Visitors to this page

    Why , when you go into a members profile and look at the " last ten visitors to this page " is the last visitor the obviously incredibly nosey " YALIMART " Conspiracy or cock up Steve.
  7. S

    Visitors visa question . . .

    My current visitors visa expires on 18 September, so I'm planning to return to the UK on 10 September. By then, I will have spent 85 days in Turkey. Can anyone tell me what's the soonest date I can then come back to Turkey on a new visitors visa, please? Ie; can I come back on 25th...
  8. v6cod

    This afternoons visitors.

    Lurking in the pool house.
  9. v6cod

    A couple of todays visitors

    Here we are Sunny Seasider :bounce: Damselfly Gecko. This one looks like it has lost it's tail at some point and is in the process of growing a replacement.

    Our visitors.

    OK,SO WOKE UP THIS MORNING TO THIS VIEW FROM OUR BALCONY IN BODRUM BAY .It is the yacht of Roman Abramovich .Its 163 metres long & features full water sport facilities with jet skis & mini submarine a large swimming pool & spa.It has 2 helicopter pads, infrared lasers to track anything coming...
  11. kale


    Had three visitors in the back garden over the last few days. A squirrel. A Robbin. And to-day a wood pecker All very unusual for us as two of them it was still August. And the woodpecker only ever had one before. And we have been here for over 30years Kale Yvonne north west uk.
  12. arrian

    visitors messages

    i've had a visitors message from someone, and before i could open it, it disappeared!!!! so, if whoever sent it, wants to send me a private or visitors message, i can read it and reply; or does anyone know how i can retrieve it?? please? thankyou yet again
  13. D

    cost of visitors visa to uk -for a spouse

    last year i read through the worldbridge website for my Turkish wife's application to visit the uk for our annual pilgrimage and came to the conclusion because she was my wife there was no fee -im a uk citizen and we have been married nearly 3 years(now)-i applied and it was kicked back with no...
  14. ceemac

    Mountains of Van open to visitors again

    The prospect of tourists again visiting the mountains of eastern Van following the lifting of a ban in place since 2004 will be a boon to the local economy, according to a local official. Here C
  15. gerald

    Interstellar visitors?

    YouTube - UFO ON ALANYA/TURKEY 21.3.2010
  16. ceemac

    Britain's Least Attractive Towns And Cities For Visitors

    It has been revealed that Bradford in Yorkshire is the city travellers least want to visit as it is deemed "dangerous, ugly and boring". Here C
  17. D

    advice needed for English visitors visa!!!

    Sorry to put this question is this part of the forum but i couldnt see another more appropriate place! Every summer i go back to the uk with my Turkish wife and step daughter-she applies as my family but the vac in İzmir refuse this and make her apply as a normal visitor.The family visitor is...
  18. ceemac

    Visitors Who Overstay Visa

    This subject comes up occasionally on the Forum and this recent update comes from the British Embassy in Turkey; Visa requirements 'A visitor's visa valid for 90 days is issued to UK nationals at the port of entry on payment of £10. For longer stays an application to a Turkish Embassy or...
  19. jandj

    Yeni Foca visitors

    Each night 2 foxes come to see what we are up to. They are so thin and we believe that the parents were killed in the Foca forest fire.
  20. G

    Tourist Visas

    Can anyone throw in any more information on this subject. i have heard whispers that the entry visa cost is still £10.00 BUT the entry time has been reduced to 30 days ! Have checked a friends passport and can confirm - only for 30 days. Gordie
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