1. M

    New visitor

    Hi I came recently to izmir , bornova . I don't speak turkish and looking to meet friends that can speak english.
  2. A

    New visitor onboard

    Hi everyone, My name is Alex and i just landed on this site without GPS! using google map! Need some directions on moving from Canada to Turkey. Suggestions, roadmap feedback..would great. Good job and a wonderful site with great team. Alex
  3. Mushroom

    Uninvited PC visitor

    Has anyone experienced an unwanted scam which appears on the PC screen stating your IP address and basic details, then informs you that you have commited one of several offences against UK law but on payment of a £100 fine, paid by obtaining a voucher and quoting it will be sorted. Its so...
  4. perfect1949

    a visitor at gumusluk harbor

    took these yesterday a fantastic looking ship . dave and shirley
  5. Fendouglas

    A strange visitor!

    Last night, just about twilight, a bat flew into our apartment - after a wee bit of chasing it about, we managed to persuade it to leave via the patio. Having sometimes seen bats flitting around, outside the patio, it wasn't a total surprise. What was a surprise, however, was that its 99%...
  6. v6cod

    Visitor to the garden

    This beautiful Sparrowhawk has been one of a pair hanging round the area for a month or so and I finally managed to snatch a shot through the patio doors and the glass around the terrace. This is the male but I have also seen the female about, following their flight path I think they may be...
  7. Tommie


    Not often I get unwanted visitors on my rear balcony but I saw this tiny fella this morning. Could get no sense out of him. Did not speak the lingo Left the poor fella alone as he was causing no trouble.
  8. beyazbayan

    uk visitor visa and İreland agreement

    As from 1st Aug 2011 the İrish government will accept the Uk visitors visa. Previously you had to get seperate one. You must spend at least 24 hours in Uk before going to İreland. We tried it and had a few problems but as a precaution İ booked a week day flight and travelled at a time...
  9. S

    VIP visitor!!!

    Here in West Belfast we have had a special visitor to a local bar!!! None other than George Galloway-here to sign copies of his book about Celtic Its sooo cool to have a celebrity in your local and George was mobbed with many local fans. Ps-He drank a mates pint "by mistake"!-Thats a Harp you...
  10. A

    Turkish visitor to UK

    Has anybody with a Turkish partner obtained a passport and travel visa for them to travel ( and return together) with them from Turkey and visit Uk for a short holiday? If so, I would welcome some advice and info on the best way through this beaurocratic and paperwork minefield. Thanks in advance
  11. S

    Yet another TLF visitor

    Yday I had the pleasure of meeting another TLF member here in Uzumlu bumpkinland. None other than our great Soo. Was smashing to meet you and hubby and I promise I will talk slower next time we meet!
  12. R

    Visitor Tax

    Hello all We are off to a villa in Kusadasi next week, with the idea of maybe buying one? Last time we where in Turkey we had to fill in forms before going through immagration & pay I think £10 ? Is this still the norm coming into Bodrum airport, or can this form be got before travel to save...
  13. John O' Dreams

    Visitor alert!!!

    This is a message to visitors to the forum: You don't know what you're missing!!! There's all sorts going on in the members' threads at the moment - get yourself signed on and come and join in! You won't be disappointed.
  14. Andy

    Has any member had a visitor message from nevzat70

    Apparently nevzat70 who is a new member this month has been leaving visitor messages for members to ask if they want a boyfriend or girlfriend and leaving a contact telephone number to call. :animation I have just banned nevzat70 for these reasons. If you haven't looked at your visitor...
  15. maggie

    Unexpected Visitor.

    Well would you believe it!!!! Here am Im sat in my office and theres a knock on the door.(My office is my upstairs bedroom). Nik goes to open the door and who is stood there.???????? Our beloved leader Mushie with Marty from Wiuru. What a lovelley suprise and may I just say his photo does...
  16. T

    Istanbul visitor

    I am soon visiting Istanbul, and want some information. Do anyone know about the Aquarius hamam? or other good hamam to go to? Anywhere to get a good massage service?
  17. Struggs

    My afternoon visitor

    Well this little lad (could be female don't know), has been visiting my garden nightly with his mum the past 2yrs, but appeared in the garden this afternoon obviously AWOL. At one stage I stood perfectly still and he came up, sniffed my toe and promptly bit it, boy did that hurt, sharp little...
  18. K

    Visitor Visa to UK

    What are the chances of a business turk with two Turkish wives in turkey already obtaining a visitors visa to the UK for a holiday visit to a friend (minus the wives & kids)(accompanying another man who is being sent over here by his company) or anywhere else that matter? The man in question is...
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