1. suzyq

    Visiting the neighboring Aegean islands of Greece

    A lesser known fact may be that a number of attractive Greek Aegean islands just happen to lie mere kilometers off Turkey's shore. Why not combine a vacation this summer with a trip to Greece on one of the many routes served from Turkey's popular holiday destinations along the Aegean...
  2. A

    visiting very soon

    Hi, I will be coming to Alanya with my family in April and we are interested in buying a property and would like some advise if possible. 1. Is Alanya a good place to buy/invest/rent, I heard that Antalya coast is quite attractive, not sure whether Alanya is one of the best. 2. Which part of...
  3. Webarella

    Advice for visiting Alanya at the moment?

    Hi, comming to Alanya tomorrow for 2 weeks with my daughter and just want to know what is the real situation there. I have heard that there is nothing too serious going on and if I look at the newspapers, they give a totally different picture. I would highly appreciate if someone told me is it...
  4. P

    visiting datca

    Hi we are visiting datca in 3 weeks time staying at adaburnu golmar hotel. Could you please advise us of a reliable taxi service and how much they will charge to take us from hotel to datca village. Also could you recommend some local trips. Many thanks Jane and dave
  5. M

    visiting konya

    i will be visiting konya next week for 4 days. i was just wondering if apart from the usual mosques and museums there are any other interesting places that i should be looking out for. any tips on dos and don,ts is most appreciated.
  6. E

    Visiting Fethiye

    We are going to Marmaris in May and staying for a few months. Was just looking for advice as to visiting a few places and thought of going to Fethiye for a few days. We have never been there before and indeed never really travelled around. Can anyone offer advice on getting there and where to...
  7. Ceni

    Rape guru visiting the UK

    I know it's nothing to do with Turkey or Turkish living but quite a few of you will have sisters and/or daughters who are in the UK. I have no idea how to make that bit below into a link so If a mod would like to doctor it for me I would appreciate it. If you have a mum or sister or daughter...
  8. T

    Selahattin Demirtaş visiting London

    Selahattin Demirtaş HDP candidate for Turkish President is visiting London tomorrow Sunday 20 July 2014 to speak to Turkish and Kurdish people here, all being well we will attend this event.
  9. D

    Visiting Hisaronu end of March?!

    Hi all, hope you're all well! I just wanted some advice, we have been visiting hisaronu for many years and have been many times before just never in winter time. We are coming for my Birthday at the end of March but wanted some advice of what we can do during the day and nights during the week...
  10. T

    Visiting Istanbul

    We are visiting Istanbul for 3nights in June 11. We fly into the main airport from Edinburgh. Have seen an apartment in a block of flats in the ERGENEKON CADDESI area. Does anyone know if this area is ok,and is it central. We then are going to bus it to Marmaris and could anyone give me details...
  11. Firebrand

    Regional governor attacked when visiting Uludere

    Uludere Kaymakam?na linç giri?imi! - Haber Videolar? - Habertürk Video I wonder what the reaction would have been if Erdogan has visited?
  12. D

    Visiting Area

    Hi we're in this area in our boat in August. Does anyone know these places? Akbük Karadasogut English Harbour I'm interested in supermarkets and restaurants. Many thanks. Is this the right place to post this?
  13. P

    Visiting Antalya

    Hi everyone I'm visiting Antalya mid-July to early August (c3 weeks). I will be based around Lara Beach but happy to travel around the area. I like sports, good food, culture, history, music, etc. Any suggestions for what to do durinh my stay. Thanks Polarstation, Male, mid-30s.
  14. T

    Visiting Turkey

    Hi, As a British citizen, can anyone tell me how long I can stay in Turkey in a 12 month period, by buying a £10, 90 day visa each time I arrive. For example, can I arrive in April stay until end of June (86 days) and then return in September and stay for 80 days. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. W

    visiting Kumburgaz / Silivri area

    Hello I'm visiting my friend who lives in Silivri but I'm staying in a rented apartment for 2 weeks in Kumburgaz. My friend still has to work during the week and I was wondering if there are any fellow Brits living in the area that would like to meet up. I fly back home on Sat June 4th...
  16. Peaceplant

    Visiting Yalikavak 2011

    I am starting to get excited!! June 1 we fly out and this time we have 3 weeks so it is going to be brilliant (with our court case on the day before we come back so hoping for good news!!) It will be lovely to see some old friends - and new. Anyone else travelling over in June? Hopefully...
  17. Mushtaq

    Visiting Turkey this year?

    Are you planning to visit Turkey this year?
  18. M

    Visiting in March

    Hi everyone, would-be Dalyman newbies looking for some advice. We're thinking about visiting in the 3rd week of March and need to know 2 things... 1) Is the weather warm enough? 2) Will there be restaurants, bars and Hotels open this early? Any expert info gratefully received :thanks:
  19. C

    Anyone visiting tuzla during the christmas period

  20. I

    contemplating visiting kusadsi...

    hello new to the forum ...i have been to turkey many times usually going to visit friends in altinkum and holidays in bodrum ...both places i know very well but was recently invited to go to kusadsi ..and thinking of going around march april time ive never been before i thought it...
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