1. T

    visited a few places in Turkey

    Brief overview of some places I have visited in Turkey. Following Bickerns lead. Olu Deniz, Fethiye and surrounding areas all very nice and worth visiting. Izmir lovely really liked it, I will visit again. I have family in Izmir. Ankara I will visit again, I was impressed. If Ankara & Izmir...
  2. pineapple1

    The Stork Visited Me !!!

    Well 8 wks ago i got my new Shih Tzu girl Snuggles . She's gorgeous gold and white . Aged 2yrs . Well she started to get a bit "Plump " so i had her to the vets for a scan . Horror !!!! She's pregnant said the vet . 3 puppys shown on scan . She was pregnant when i bought her , I rang the seller...
  3. P

    Fascinating experiences visited

    Mine was Verdi's villa which once belonged to the composer, on lake Como in Italy. It consisted of 10 millionaires apartments. The first time I saw a black shiny kitchen units. Over 30 years ago. Now they are popular last few years in this country. The first time I saw a children's...
  4. Tess

    Has anyone visited - New Kitchen Showroom ?

    Hi on my last visit to Altinkum it looked like a new kitchen showroom was about to open. It is on Atatuk Blv beside Star Aparthotel. In the window was the most beautiful reddy / purply / burgundy type kitchen with beautiful contrasting tiles at the front of the shop. Has it opened and has...
  5. merlin

    Istanbul 7th Most Visited City in the World....

    Istanbul has risen to the 3rd place in the list of top 10 destinations of Europe and 7th place in the world. Source: Zaman Merv!
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