1. D

    Turkish Visas to USA Stopped.

    Donald Trump WARS with Erdogan as US snub Turkish visas amid rising Middle East tensions. DONALD Trump risks going toe to toe with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the US suspended visa services for Turkish citizens. As reported in today's (9th Oct) Daily Express.
  2. B

    Visas at the airport

    Is it still possible buy a VISA at the Airport? Bill.
  3. K

    Sustainable Visas for property owners in Turkey

    According to media speculation, there may be an implementation in Turkish policy that foreigners may have the legal right to hold a long term visa or indeed Turkish citizenship in the future. Now that Erdogan has gained power do you think that this will happen? As a property owner who adores...
  4. bal canavar

    Tougher Schengen visas

    I think the tightening up is a good idea and much needed, as the open border controls throughout Europe apart from the UK is, as I have said before an easy ride for illegal economic migrants , terrorists and criminals to move freely , and in the terms of economic migrants the problem of...
  5. H

    Turkish citizen visas

    Hey guys can you help I'm englush and just married my Turkish husband we want a honeymoon in January but as he is Turkish want to go somewhere with out the need to apply for a visa Where can Turkish citizens go easily I have heard Asia is easy but is there anywhere else he is also yet to do...
  6. gemerley

    UK Visas for Turkish citizens

    I was searcing for advise on applying for a holiday visa for my other half to come to the UK and there you were.... thankfully

    E visas - Official Update on Obtaining one

    Announced this afternoon by Uk in Turkey. Click on the arrow in the bottom middle of page to scroll down the page. ISSUU - Update on e-visas by ukinturkey ukinturkey
  8. D

    A Good Yarn

    A Good Yarn [The Old Groaner] Gulliver's final voyage - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news
  9. K

    E visas now postponed.

    Visa stickers on the way out - April 2014 Minister's remark suggests an end to visa stickers in 2014 Tourists will need to get up to speed with e-visas!
  10. H

    Question about E visas

    Hi I hope someone can help? Do you need to take a copy of your e visa with you or will it show up on your passport. The reason I ask I have just completed one e visa, and my computer has decided it does not like pdf files anymore!!! I have three more to do! Thanks for any help
  11. M

    residency visas

    hi everyone im wondering if anyone can help with a link or know any information with regards to residency visas how long they last for how much they are and if they are easy to obtain. thanks in advance for your help
  12. N

    some advice please...

    Hi, my name is Noel and currently my Turkish wife and English born son live in the UK. We are in the advanced stages of setting up an English language learning centre in Turkey but I am confused about the visas needed due to our marraige and wanting to stay at least one year in Turkey getting...
  13. RachelAlicia93

    Need help understanding Turkish visas!!

    Hi guys, I'm a bit confused right now. I have a turkish boyfriend and I have just visited him for two weeks, he is going back to university next week and I am going to visit him in May and stay for two weeks again, but I will be staying for 2 months from June to August this summer, also cos I do...
  14. shirleyanntr

    turkey to exempt visas

    there are plans to exempt 50 countries from visa regulations... dont get excited the Uk isnt on the list.. interesting reading though and i wonder how members feel it good or bad news i think that is Turkey wants to encourage ME and Asia by this move ...but i feel it has no loyalty to the...
  15. D

    90-in-180 -day visas now law in Turkey

    Just thought I would lift this from the latest news from the British Embassy,for those who may not have already seen it on the site: "Changes to Tourist Visas for British Nationals Since 2010, Turkish visit visas issued at arrival ports state that they are valid for multiple...
  16. K

    Visas to the UK

    Hello! This may be the wrong place to ask this question but I'm new and not sure of my way around . . . Does anyone know if you can appeal the refusal of a general visitors visa to the UK? And if so - how? We invited our friend to come to stay for two weeks but his application has been refused...
  17. A

    Settlement Visas

    Hi everybody, can anybody me tell long it takes Istanbul to contact my husband to put his settlement visa which we have been granted on passport?
  18. T

    change to visas

    a few years ago the wording on visas changed from 'mutiple entry visa for 3 months' to 'valid for 90 days'. My second one this year, bought in July, has another change. It reads ; ...valid for an intended stay of no more than 90 days. 180 days duration begins on the date of entry to Turkey...
  19. B

    Visas for Turks entering the UK

    Is it easy for a Turkish citizen to get into the UK for a year or two,without being married to an English woman and how would they go about it?
  20. C

    help with visas

    i was just wondering if anyone can help me out !x i want to go to marmaris next season 2012 but dont know if they are stopping you from updating your visa at rhodes ?x if they do how do i go about applying for residency and how much would it cost ?xx also how much is a work visa and how do you...
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