1. M

    Help Some Advice appreciated, ban and re-entry visa

    Bit of a back story, I sold up last year, and went on an adventure, first Poland, which i really enjoyed, then onto Turkey, I arrived in March, and stayed all though curfews and lockdowns, literately to the Day when the Turkish government gave a covid extension to July 11th, this extension was a...
  2. G

    Turkish visa question

    Hi to all can anyone enlighten me on the Visa problem I have been told that you don't need a visa to enter Turkey if this is true how long can you stay as we was hoping to move out to live there for a year if not longer as we are now retired any information will be greatly appreciated. Gaz &...
  3. B

    Turkey Tourist visa:

    Hi, I am very much confused about the 90/180 days visa rule. For example, if I were to travel to Turkey at the beginning of April and use the entire 90 days, I would then have to leave near the end of June. My question is, how soon can I return on a new visa and commence another 90 days...
  4. L

    Residency Visa- Tax Fee?

    Hi all, I’m looking into a residency permit so as to stay a few extra weeks in Turkey past my evisa expiration, without becoming unlawful and receiving a bar to return. I was told by a helper agency that if I’m a US citizen, tax fees will be around 1500 TL - which is quite high for me. Is this...
  5. L

    Tourist residency permit - visa fee? Departure?

    Hello all! I’m so happy to a found this forum, it’s answering so many questions for me. I have an inquiry about applying for a tourist residency permit that I’m curious if anyone has a perspective on. I’ve been in Turkey for about two months, my visa expires in about three weeks. Because...
  6. S

    Visa on Arrival Istanbul

    Can anyone please tell me is there still a facility for buying your Visa at the new Istanbul airport
  7. T

    NON-EU married spouse schengen visa

    Hello, Is there any non-eu member in this forum who had experience in applying for the schengen visa? could you help me with this question? Hello, I have a question regarding the visa for married persons. Please help me. I want to apply for a schengen conference visit visa for myself and my...
  8. S

    how to buy from aliexpress , banggood with turkish visa card

    hi every one i donot know this is the right place to write this post but i need help how to buy from aliexpress , banggood with turkish visa card? which is the scheme telephone num that i must enterd in these web site ? +90 541678**** or 0090 541678**** thank u for your answers
  9. S

    Visa fees

    I've just read on Facebook that the tourist visas have gone up to $35 each but can't find any more info on that? Is this true does anyone know? Thanks Sara
  10. G

    Visa and BTinternet email address problem (Aug.2019)

    I'm currently in England. I tried to obtain evisa (via for myself and Galaxy Boy in advance a forthcoming visit to Turkey. We have email addresses (more than one!) but having inputted all the information from our passports, we could not receive the email...
  11. B

    Type of Visa:

    Hi, In a few short years my wife and I will have retired from our jobs. We have an apartment in Yalikavak and our plan is to travel back and forth between maybe,April and October. For us to go beyond the holiday visa of ninety day stay, can you please please explain what type of visa is...
  12. Spike

    Visa for Russia

    UK national living full time in Turkey. Off to F1 Sochi, booked hotel, booked flight, now working on visa (tourist). Seems I need invitation from Russian registered travel agency. Internet advice is a bit conflicting and I guess I can eventually manage, but if anyone has first hand advice...
  13. juco

    Applying for an ESTA usa visa. Anyone applied?

    I have a question re my name on applying for an ESTA visa for the USA, has anyone applied recently? On my passport my name is smith juco but this was rejected I then looked at the example they give which uses the part at the bottom of my passport details page and it states to use this info...
  14. T

    Applying to portugal visa in Istanbul

    Hello, Does anybody know how can a person apply to the portugal turistic visa in istanbul? Nobody answers me by phone in consulate? I emailed they answered automatically make an appointment in Ankara!
  15. E

    Human rights investigators denied visa,s to USA Seems the human rights investigators are not happy the States won't let them investigate their troops. Probably been watching what happens here.
  16. J

    Turkish E Visa help.

    Greetings everyone, I am currently not in Turkey. I have a valid E Visa than runs out on the 27th Feb 2019.I was only in Turkey for 6 weeks on this visa. I am planning to return to Turkey on the 17th Feb 2019 and stay for 7 weeks.Will it be OK to apply for another E Visa for this visit...
  17. mollag

    Visa free travel ?

    I cannot see it myself, except if, by close, he means they have it in Greece which is very close. Turkey close to visa-free travel: EU commisioner Turkey close to visa-free travel: EU commisioner - Turkey News
  18. S

    Visa change for UK tourists

    Turkey visa application to change for Britons next week - these are the new rules
  19. B

    Turkish Tourist visa

    Hi to All, Can someone please give me clarity on the Tourist visa. If I was to use my ninety days within the specific date, how long would I have to remain outside Turkey until I am able to return again. Thanks in advance...
  20. P

    Resident Visa for Long Term Leases

    Greetings, My wife and I are considering a move to Turkey. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with Resident Visas being granted to expats who have signed a long term rental/lease agreement? (such as 2-5 years) Since we have a relatively short term exit plan, we would be wary of...
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