1. D

    Monkey-Pox in Turkey.

    Five monkeypox cases detected in Turkey, says health minister Turkey has so far detected five cases of the monkeypox virus, said Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. Four of the patients have been already discharged from hospital, while one is currently under treatment, the minister said. A total of...
  2. A89

    Win 10 anti virus

    I recently bought a new laptop. It had on ıt a months free McAfee and now that the month has expired ı'm getting messages saying the laptop is unprotected. I was under the impression that Windows 10 had its own integral security, am I mistaken? alison
  3. juco

    Check your temperature for virus.

    From NHS.
  4. ted j

    Dynamo has virus Eddie large dead

    As the header says , Dynamo the magician has Coronavirus badly he has underlying health issues and Eddie large of Little and Large comedy duo has died aged 78 of coronavirus in hospital The doctor we had back in Tyldesley used to Treat little and Large (Syd little lived in nearby Atherton)...
  5. Yalides


    B*gger me, sounds nasty....:37:
  6. bickern

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device and its CAMERA, here's how to stop it A TERRIFYING new computer virus that allows hackers to take control of your Apple MacBook has been discovered in the wild. Here's everything you need to know. Apple computer owners have ben warned about...
  7. bickern

    New virus locks YOU out of your Smart TV, and then CHARGES you

    SECURITY experts have warned about a growing number of cyberattacks on televisions – which lock out the viewer until they pay a ransom. Here's everything you need to know about the terrifying trend. Your television could be the next major target for computer hackers. Security experts have...
  8. M

    AVG Virus Protection

    AVG has been reminding me that I have not done a whole computer scan since November 2015. So, I decided to scan. Twice it got stuck at 79%. Upon looking at where it had stopped, it was "in" my new external H drive. So I disconnected it and the scan finished with no problems. So, any...
  9. A89

    free anti virus recommendation pls

    Can you chaps please recommend a good and simple free anti virus please? Ive been using AVG for years but im so sick of every couple of days it telling me my computer is not fully protected that I'm going to change. :frusty: I think I tried Avast before but unsure why I didnt stick with it...
  10. M

    Trojan Horse Virus

    Somewhere, someone, has resurrected this virus! In the last twenty minutes, AVG has informed me five times that the threat is trying to attack my computer. One of the warnings contained this threat three times. What do these people get from this? I assume they try at random and hope that...
  11. C

    Ebola virus - history

    Far from being a modern virus, ebola has been reported as far back as 431 - 421 BC. The ancient Greek Thucydides reported during these times that an estimated 300,000 Athenians died from the virus, during the times of the Peloponnesian war - roughly a third of the population. He made the link...
  12. A89

    awesomehp virus - how to remove?

    Can anyone tell me how I can get this out of my laptop please? I understand its a virus that hijacks your browers. Its not listed in programs so cant be removed that way. Alison
  13. christella


    here I am in turkey and I get an email from amazon saying my order will be despatched today I have not ordered anything when I opened the email AVG came in and warned me it was a virus so look out for it Your order #7-N-4877606-3138897 Hide Details...
  14. Talkinman

    Picked up a virus -

    Hi all I need help geting rid of a bug (Virus) that I picked up on my laptop. It has taken over my homepage and try as I may I cant get rid of it. It is a Turkish site called "Portaldorsites" and is driving me crazy, I am very worried now of doing anything that might disclose any personal or...
  15. Jaycey

    New virus?

    I'm never sure if these virus alerts are genuine or not. Any comments please?
  16. John O' Dreams


    My Avira anti-virus tells me my laptop has been infected with TR/Sirefef.A.61. I press on the 'remove' option but the pop-up warning keeps re-appearing. Can anyone please advise in simple terms how I can remove the virus?
  17. John LeNeve

    AIDS virus saves cancer patients

    This is an amazing medical breaktrhough. They have managed to take the invasive parts of the AIDS virus and splice it with the cancer killing parts of other molecules and make a cure for cancer. A girl suffering with terminal cancer is now in complete remission. Amazing See attached...
  18. Yalides

    Palestinian virus warning

    A new virus has been detected that you may want to take precautions against. Be careful, if you try to solve this virus problem, you will be castigated in the media and by the UN. This is the Palestinian Virus - a virus that settles in your PC, claims it was there before your PC was built or...
  19. J

    Virus on Adobe??

    Hi all For the past couple of weeks, every time I try to either watch TV or a video/clip via internet or on you tube, a box pops up in the middle of the screen saying "Adobe Flash Player Settings" Local storage ...then such and such a site is requesting permission to store information on your...
  20. R

    Respiratory Virus

    Hi All. We returned from staying in Dalaman about nine days ago. We flew with Thomas Cook to Gatwick from Dalaman airport. About five days after our return I took ill with the worst bronchial/respiratory virus I've ever had-it came on very swiftly. I was taken to hospital and kept on oxygen...
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