1. S

    Can I use Freestat tv connected to virgin cable

    My friend wants to get out of virgin cable as it's costing too much. Can he use a freesat box and connect to the virgin cable so that he can just have freesat that's just a one off payment. Any answers gratefully received.
  2. juco

    Virgin TV package

    Previous package was around the £70-£90 per month so got a deal for phone, broadband and TV for £34 which includes some free phone calls, sufficient for us not to pay for them. Anyhow after 2 months the bill suddenly shoots back up to a £71! Phoned their call center and my first point made was...
  3. juco

    Virgin plane makes emergency landing at gatwick

    BBC News - Virgin Atlantic jet lands safely with landing gear problem I happened to catch this on BBC news while it was still in flight, so went on to radar24 to track it. Flippin heck, can you imaging just after take off being told there is an issue and we are returning.....So they flew around...
  4. S

    Virgin Broadband

    Does anyone have Virgin Broadband at home? I am with Sky Fibre but am tempted to switch to Virgin. Even if you get only half their advertised max speed 156 it would still be twice the speed of Sky Fibre
  5. B

    Virgin Soldier writer dies.

    BBC News - Virgin Soldiers author Leslie Thomas dies aged 83 Leslie Thomas's book "Virgin Soldiers" was comical and so true to life. RIP Leslie. Bill.

    Lamanted virgin!!

    Laminated virgin!! Every year when I turn up in Bodrum my place needs some sort of repairs from the ravages of time or from just been empty all winter combined with poor workmanship from previous years. As I sit here on this beautiful sunny morning I cannot help but notice that wear and dogs...
  7. tomc1984

    Virgin customers

    Discovered virgin smartcall. If you are a virgin customer you can use smartcall on your mobile and get same phone package as you would at home. For example, I have unlimited uk calls on my home phone,now I can make FREE calls to any uk number (not mobiles) from abroad. Save cash ? Discover...
  8. christella

    Virgin emails

    I was with virgin a couple of years ago and my emails come through for a while and then stopped if you down load incredible email IncrediMail Free Software Download - Email Setup for Your Desktop and you can remember your password you will get all your old emails I have just done it and it was...
  9. Jaycey

    Seventy-two Grapes and Not a Single Virgin

    What the Modern Martyr Should Know: Seventy-two Grapes and Not a Single Virgin The New Picture of Islam .. This is the English version of the book ?Good Bye Mohammed?: What the Modern Martyr Should Know: Seventy-two Grapes and Not a Single Virgin The New Picture of Islam "WHAT THE MODERN...
  10. peter the postie

    BT Infinity, Sky, or Virgin??

    Who uses what here in the UK, and what are your thoughts? I have a package with Virgin, and although the broadband is ok, the TV & phone prices seem over the top.
  11. A89

    Virgin Radio??

    Does anyone know what number on the dial Virgin Radio is please? someones faffed about with my radio and now I cant find it again :angry:
  12. mrkeith

    Radio Virgin Turkey

    Does anyone else listen?
  13. Marirabbit

    Virgin Resort

    Hi there, does anyone know anything about the 'Virgin Resort' in Gumbet?? A friend of mine is thinking about booking for a week but can't find anything on trip advisor. I presume this hotel was called something else in the past (or perhaps it's just new this year?)- does anyone know what it...
  14. K

    help please wıth virgin media

    Hı ı have just bought a laptop from Tcell ın Yalıkavak.A great lıttle machıne ı am able to skype to england and get and get all the web pages.However ı cant seem to log on to my e maıl account wıth vıgın media dose anyone have any ıdeas why thıs mıght be please.Many thanks
  15. peter the postie

    Virgin e mail problems?

    Is anyone having problems accessing Virgin e mail accounts, or has my mail account been hacked again???:Cry:
  16. P

    Virgin email

    After being informed a few weeks ago by Virgin that they will be changing their email set,it has happened and it's absolute crap,very much a case of fixing something that's not broke.I dare say some geek got a good wedge from it.
  17. Higgy

    Virgin Atlantic- Eat Your Heart Out

    Warning this clip contains Boobs. This link shows them making the clip.
  18. Mushtaq

    Free case of wine from Virgin

    I switched my gas & elec provider a while back and just realised that I was offered a free case of wine free from Virgin, it's no good to me but if anyone is interested in a free case of wine please PM me and I will forward details of how to redeem the offer, hopefully it's still valid. :3...
  19. peter the postie

    Virgin unveil V Stuff

    Virgin now provide a handy place to store files to customers. I got a personal letter from Richard to let me know :) From: Richard Branson Dear PETER, When I last wrote to you I mentioned I would be in touch about our brand new, free service, V Stuff. Well V Stuff is here and ready for you to...
  20. Martyn

    Anyone using Virgin media?

    Well is there? How do you find it? I'm looking maybe at changing from Sky(TV) and TalkTalk for phone and broadband. Firstly it looks a bit cheaper and secondly the downloads are a lot better it seems. We get a good deal on the phone but then we have 600 minutes a month on mobiles that don't...
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