1. L

    Vip lounge Istanbul

    I,m planning our family trip to turkey in July as probably a lot of you are doing. We are flying to Istanbul ataturk with British airways and then a connecting flight to Izmir. Because my 2 teenagers are hard to please as most of them are I,ve decided to treat them to the vip lounge in Istanbul...
  2. S

    VIP visitor!!!

    Here in West Belfast we have had a special visitor to a local bar!!! None other than George Galloway-here to sign copies of his book about Celtic Its sooo cool to have a celebrity in your local and George was mobbed with many local fans. Ps-He drank a mates pint "by mistake"!-Thats a Harp you...
  3. kaplumba

    Dalaman VIP lounge

    I'm just planning a sneaky little extra week away with an Italian friend. All being well our inbound flights to Dalaman arrive at more or less the same time but the return one isn't so convenient. Hers will go 4 hours after mine in the early hours of the morning. She doesn't seem to mind this...
  4. altinkum kev

    Vip lounge

    What and where is the VIP lounge?
  5. M

    VIP Tour of Perge, Antalya

    For anyone around the Antalya area on Saturday 29th August, I have organised in conjunction with the site excavation team from Istanbul University a very rare chance for an expert guided tour of the ancient city of Perge to help raise funds for the dig. Price is 50TL 8am - 3pm and we'll be...
  6. Dalaman Deli

    Dalaman Airport VIP Lounge

    Had the pleasure of meeting up with Harem in the VIP Lounge a couple weeks ago as we both headed out of Turkey. Decided to meet there so we could give members a report on the facility. I paid £12.50, but Harem may comment on the price as she thinks she may have been overcharged. I think she...
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