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    Okra villas

    Up the top of hill by Orka villas there were apartment built, looking over Migros. Does anyone know if any of these are to rent and the name. Thanks Naomi
  2. E

    Emerald Houses Gökcebel - Villas Sold off without permission

    25 people have just learnt that their houses on the complex have been sold without their knowledge or permission to a Turkish man , many of us have court cases active trying to secure our Tapus and the man who had the Tapus chose to ignore the courts and sell the apartments for a pittance, we...
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    Esin Golf Villas

    Has anyone purchased a unit on this site? If so I am attempting to bring all the owners together as the site is not being maintained in the proper manner by the developer. Please identify yourself or post any relevant information. Thankyou.
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    Akbuk Golf Villas

    Any1 bought these Esin build 'bungalows'? Concerned about neglected state of site + roof blown off vacant unit.
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    Photos & villas

    Hi all missing being in yalikavak this year ,could do with some photos to cheer me up,also I am looking for a villa to rent next year August time near town if possible . Thank you everybody loving the threads and looking forward to some wonderful pictures
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    Looking for 2 Villas together - Bodrum Peninsula

    My wife and I are looking for two villas side by side with their own pools or a single shared pool between them, anywhere on the Bodrum Peninsula. If prices were right we would look at long stay of 5 to 6 weeks up to 31st July 2014 in first villa and have family (2 adults & 3 children) stay in...
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    4 Bed detached villa, Gumusluk - Orka Villas

    Gumusluk Villa for sale. Due to my parents ill health they have a very reluctant sale of 10 year old detached duplex 4 bed villa with unobstructed stunning views over the Greek Islands from the terrace, garden and balcony. In a row of 4 villas within a small site of 40 with shared large...
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    Villas for sell or rent in Alanya - Konakli

    7 villas (17 Klm from Alanya centrum, 4 Klm from Konakli Centre, 200 m from the beach) for rent or to sell.
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    Hello there, We are looking for a villa to rent for six people (preferably with a private pool) but it needs to be within 'easy' walking distance to to the beach/shops etc as my father has mobility problems. Most of the places we've seen so far seem to be up in the hills and we are now...
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    Golden Beach Villas - Irish Victims

    These words from the owner of the Golden Beach Complex after the judge ruled against him should sound familiar to the Irish people who lost money in The Golden Beach Villas “Mr Akyel does not want the investors to lose their money or their properties, but he does contest the matter as he did...
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    villas for rent

    :smile:villas for rent in gumuskaya sleeps 8 people ,beautifully decorated and aircon and all mod cons access to private beach only 16 villlas in the complex very accessible to the dolmus stop .panoramic sea views would also consider long term rental please email me if interested many thanks
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    Elysium Villas - info please

    Hi, Do any members own one of the Elysium Villas or know anything about the development? Should I be aware of any problems or issues with this development before I book flights to view the villas for sale? They do seem great value for money so thought I would do some research from people who...
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    Zinos Villas

    Hi just signed up and have a question about Zinos Villas. We are staying in one of the lower level Villas nearest the sea,and looking at Google Earth, next door to the abandoned Hotel Zeus.Just wondering if anybody knows if this is still standing,a building site or likely to be a problem.
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    King Villas Akbuk

    Hearing all of the villa owners are now picking up Habitation Certificates. Not bad seeing as some sages on here said they would never get them, as did the builder, who it seems was looking to make a few lira on top of the £500 each he scandalously charged to process the tapus. He was bypassed...
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    Olivium Villas

    Hi, Just a quick one to see if any of the members on here have the contact details for the owner of number 6? If so could you please get in touch via pm. Thanks in advance.
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    Crystal Villas

    Today I had some friends come in very distraught. They have just had their water supply disconnected. The builder apparently owes approximately 15,000 ytl and although my friends have received monthly bills and have paid what is owed, this large amount remains outstanding. It seems that they...
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    Golden Beach Villas - O'Kane In Court

    Kevin O' Kane to go to court this month . BBC News - Turkey property 'scam' man faces court hearing
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    Olive Villas - Resale Properties

    Hi all. I am new on here but seriously thinking of buying one of the villas. Does anyone have a link to some recent photos. I am coming out later in August or early Sept but would like to get an idea what is is front of this complex now. i have only seen computer images thus far. Many thanks. Rob
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    Aydin villas

    Anybody from Aydin Villas please write your posts.
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    ARM Aydin villas water bill

    The A.R.M complex Aydın villas have received letters from Akbuk council today That they have an outstanding water bill of 291,123 Turkish liras to date 21.06.2010 for the 26 villas on site The council have given the owners 7 days notice to pay the 291,123 Liras Or they will cut the water off...
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