1. suzyq

    Abandoned Aegean villages open to tourism

    Settlements that have been abandoned over the years on İzmir’s Karaburun Peninsula have become tourist attractions for their hiking and nature activities. The peninsula, which offers all shades of green and blue, hosts visitors in its coves in summer months while welcoming hikers or those who...
  2. A

    turkish villages

    anyone know of any turkish villages that is easy to get to from altinkum by dolmus to stay for a couple of nights been to bodrum, kusadassi ,sirrence ,pamukkale. turgetress .gumbet . thanks
  3. S

    Villages around Kas - Agullu and Curkubag

    Hi all, We are staying close to Curkubag Village about 20 mins from Kas, and realise there won't be a lot there - and will usually travel to Kas - but is there a shop or cafe in Curkubag Village or if not, is Agullu close enough to walk? i.e. within half an hour walk? Heard that there is a...
  4. D

    Buying property in Turkish villages

    Has anyone got any experience of buying property in a village, under the new law of 2012? We bought a house in Selimiye in 2007, and because of the law at that time, had to form a company to buy it. We now want to get the house in our own names, so that we can close the company. Initially...
  5. janA

    Villages near Milas Bodrum in rabies scare

    Actual: Mu?la 12 villages rabies scare 12 Villages have been quarantined near Milas after a rabid fox was caught by a shepherd dog and has since died
  6. suzyq

    The 'scum villages' of Amsterdam

    Nuisance neighbours in Amsterdam will be exiled from the city and rehoused in 'scum villages' made up of caravans or containers under constant police supervision. Holland's capital already has a special hit squad of municipal officials to identify the worst offenders for a compulsory six month...
  7. D

    Buying in villages - Any relaxation from new law?

    Does anyone know if the new law regarding foreigners buying property in Turkey makes it possible for foreigners to now buy property in villages? Thanks for any information. David
  8. B

    IKEA, IZMIR -delivery to villages

    I've seen on the Ikea site that they don't deliver to villages. We live 30 odd miles away from Marmaris and often have problems getting the simplest things delivered. Will the transport companies deliver to their depot in Marmaris so you can collect?
  9. M

    virtus villages buılder

    Hi we are VİRTUS buılder company named Pera.We can not get our payment from VİRTUS. So that reason we put mortgage on property. Sale mortgage date is 17/06/2011in didim law court library. İf you would like to check realilty of this message you can check from didim execution department.file...
  10. ceemac

    Bodrum villages to produce pistachios

    A local organization in the resort town of Bodrum has launched a project to produce pistachios in the villages of the region. Here C
  11. S

    Virtus Villages

    Hi We have purchased a villa at Virtus Villages in Akbuk and are looking forward to meeting our neighbours. Has anybody else purchased on this site? Thanks Sunseekers
  12. S

    Virtus Villages

    Hi We are eagerly awaiting the completion of our new home in Akbuk at Virtus Villages. Is anybody else buying on this development? If so we would love to hear from you. Sunseeker
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