1. Tenpin

    News Fire ravages village in northeastern province

    A fire broke out in a village in the northeastern province of Artvin, damaging at least 60 houses and killing 35 livestock, the local governor’s office said on March 17. In a statement, the Artvin Governor’s Office said the fire erupted in the Dereiçi village of Yusufeli district. “Around 400...
  2. MiddleEarth

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş on the Mediterranean Coast. Renovation of an old village house, completely rewired/plumbed. Çukurbağ village is 15 minutes by road from the centre of Kaş and the coast. The house sits at 600 meters elevation and is cool enough in the summer that klima...
  3. Sweetnighter

    Sandima village..... In the news

    .....just read in Hurriyet Daily News. Well done to all those who brought it to public attention.... Bodrum?s 600-year-old Sand?ma village abandoned to meet its fate
  4. bickern

    Girl, 16, is burned alive on the orders of a Pakistani village council

    I really can't get this into my head, her own family sanctioned it including her parents. --------------------------------------- A 16-year-old girl in rural Pakistan was drugged, strangled and burned alive on the orders of village elders for helping a couple elope. Pakistani police arrested...
  5. bickern

    Man rapes duck in Turkish village

    A man was detained in Bursa province in Turkey’s Marmara region for allegedly raping a duck, daily Habertürk reported. Police forces detained the man following complaints from his inlaws, who claimed he had raped one of their ducks during an overnight stay in their house. The man’s...
  6. Billy Joe

    Akbuk pine village.

    I have been looking at properties here Akbük Pine Village Anyone any feedback,thanks.
  7. L

    Apollon Holiday Village

    I received this from a well wisher any advice on the contents of this letter would be appreciated. Hi Lambchop Regarding our recent conversation When talking with the couple who have started legal proceedings they estimated that the total cost was less than £800 which is a small price to pay...
  8. Billy Joe

    Appolon Holiday Village

    What is the tapu and Habitation situation at AHV,I have heard about long delays but is this anything new in Altinkum.
  9. M

    2+1 detached House in Marmaris Camli Village

    2 bedroom house with private garden. Longtime Rent or Summer Season. Anybody interested please PM me your email address and I can send you further details and photos.
  10. B

    Appolon Holiday Village

    Will repost at a later date.
  11. suecheshireuk

    Our village house in North Cyprus

    As promised, with the help of Jaycey, some pictures of our recently purchased house. Some were taken in the very early day's, we are still working on dressing the house with furniture and rug's. The view to the front of the house show's an old Greek (you can still just see the writing) mill...
  12. 4

    Yalikavak Holiday Village

    Could any kind person let me have the Wifi code for Yalikavak Holiday Village? I usually do my Migros order from the bar but it won't be open when I arrive at the weekend.
  13. M

    Olive Grove Village Marmaris

    Hi Does anyone have any further update/news on the Tapu situation in Olive Grove Village, Beldibi? Any information much appreciated. Thanks Margaret
  14. D

    Buying property in Turkish villages

    Has anyone got any experience of buying property in a village, under the new law of 2012? We bought a house in Selimiye in 2007, and because of the law at that time, had to form a company to buy it. We now want to get the house in our own names, so that we can close the company. Initially...
  15. E

    Aegean village under protection at cost of local’s torment

    İzmir’s Ildırı village is located in the once ancient Roman city of Erythrai and was declared as an archaeological area in 1985. Consequently, villagers’ inability to make the slightest repair or renovation to their homes, due to the threat of severe punishments, has seen them complain en masse...
  16. bickern

    village is 'liberated' by rebels... who then forced Christians to convert to Islam

    Is this the face of whom we are asked to support? ------------------------------------------------------ Terrified Christians claim Syrian rebels ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they ‘liberated’ their ancient village. Opposition forces, including fighters linked to Al...
  17. N

    Village houses in Northern Cyprus

    Hello, I am new to this forum and would like to pose a couple of questions, really. I am a UK resident, born and raised, though ethnically I am Turkish Cypriot and I do love Northern Cyprus. It's been a few years since I have been able to return and would love to go back for a holiday next...
  18. J

    lovely 2 Bedroom Apartment ,Apollon Holiday Village

    Hi . We have a lovely 2 bedroom ground floor apartment on the Apollon Holiday Village to rent. Sleeps 6 People.aircon in all rooms. Please take a look at Holiday Lettings » Holiday Rentals, Villas, Apartments, Cottages. REF 70595. Thankyou Julie
  19. C

    New smaller Limon eating house in Gunusluk village

    Hi- Just wanted to let you know of a new Limon place which has excellent food and very well priced for your good Turkish everyday eating. It is in Gumuskuk village, just a few doors up from the Belediyesi. We had meatballs and beans and it was only 14tl each. Best we had eaten all holiday...
  20. M

    Olive Grove Village - Beldibi,Marmaris - **Urgent

    Do you have a property in Olive Grove Village, do you have your TAPU? After 6 years I still do not have my TAPU - do you know what is happening with Sabhat? My solicitor tells me things are now coming to a head - he wants 9000TL to enable us to sue - is this a wise move? Any help/ advice most...
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