1. K

    Apartment for sale in Guzelcamli with sea views.

    2 bedroom. Fantastic views from lounge and balcony. 200 metres to sea. Centrum position. 1 km from milli park. 165000 ytl
  2. bickern

    Views on Turkey and Europe

    Views on Turkey and Europe The Power of Words: Views on Turkey and Europe (Elif Shafak & Ali Aslan) | DLDeurope 16 - YouTube Hmm, she talks well and I have to agree with her on many points.
  3. A

    4 bedroom apartment sea views

    Hi, Got my 3 year old, 4 bed, 3 bathroom large apartment for sale in Tasyaka/Patlanic area. Sea and mountain views. Everything inside is upgraded to a very high standard. Samsung air-conditioning in all rooms. 2 ensuite bathrooms, walk in showers 1 jacuzzi bathroom 1 wc room Immersion...
  4. Spurs

    Not news just views

    Short & sweet details: My daughter sold her house & was due to move out today, she has hit a problem. She has no problem with her buyers YET, the problem is with the house she is purchasing. It turns out that her sellers solicitors have screwed up, what has happened is, the house my daughter...
  5. M

    Views on Turkish Lira?

    Has anyone got a view on where the Turkish Lira/GBP exchange rate is going over the next 6 months? I think we are around 3.77 TL to the GBP at the moment. That seems a pretty good rate and I was thinking of changing some GBP into TL. With a UK general election coming up in early May in the...
  6. R

    Your views please -Upset and angry

    Hi I'm not in Turkey at the moment, and this is to do with UK - but would appreciate anyones views - or advice on anything I can do!! If I post the letter below through 40 of my neighbour's letterboxes, could I find myself in trouble - or because I haven't named anyone - will it be OK Not...
  7. D

    Kadikalesi Villa with sunset views and close to beach

    Peaceful, well-built, fully air-conditioned and well-maintained three bedroomed semi-detached villa on the outskirts (10 minutes walk) of the village of Kadekalesi on the Bodrum peninsula and situated on a 6 villa complex with shared pool. The villa is on flat ground close to the beach and...

    Views from the Balkon.

    Karabag views,
  9. mollag

    The devil drink--alternative views.

    Sometimes when I reflect back on all the wine I drink I feel shame. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the vineyards and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this wine, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, "It is...
  10. A

    Views on Global online activist network - Avaaz

    I personally not support any campaign of Avaaz good or bad. I know how is the Avaaz's campains one sided and mold public opinion mission against victim countries. Nasty Syria campains of Avaaz shows it's color and serve to whom. Another issue where donations collected with victim literature are...
  11. perfect1949

    fabulous views in Yalikavak

    great views looking down on Yalikavak . dave
  12. R

    Looking for small apartment with sea views

    Hi, I am new to the Forum and currently have a large (to large) apartment in Calis, Fethiye and considering moving to Gulluk. I looking for a small place with sea views and any suggestions would be welcome.
  13. teosgirl

    Is having leftist political views akin to being a terrorist?

    RIGHTS - French-Turk arrested for attending May 1 celebrations Detained for a month (so far) for hanging a banner? Sounds familiar. The special authorities courts may as well sentence her to 8 years now and save her parents the trouble and cost of hiring a defence lawyer. Charlotte
  14. Squeaky

    Different views

    Good afternoon: There is a saying to the effect that one's view depends on from where one is viewing events. Different Turkish English language papers today contained two articles - one of which continues the complaints about the jailing of journalist and the other confirming the legality of...
  15. B

    Views on abortion.

    Catholic midwives challenge ruling on abortions - Telegraph I hold no strong views regarding the subject of abortion, I believe that any decision regarding this lies with the mother and the father. Therefore should these nurses/midwives be penalised for following their...
  16. J

    3 Bedroom Semi Detached Villa in Akbuk with beautiful sea & mountain views

    3 Bedroom Semi-detached villa in Akbuk has been renovated to a high standard and rewired to British specification. It has a new shower room, ground floor cloakroom and also a new kitchen. The ground floor has an open plan layout. All bedrooms have great views and even better views from the...
  17. S

    2 bed apartment for sale- LOW PRICE

    We have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1st floor apartment for sale on Tuzla Park Lake Resort. The property is unfurnished. It is frontline and has amazing views over Tuzla Lake with no apartments obscuring it. It is a corner plot. We have found our dream property in the UK and wish to sell. £44,000...
  18. shazeroo

    How can I pack up our view to take with us.....

    Well, after 7 amazing years a change in our personal circumstances means that we are putting our charming, characterful house up for sale..... but I simply don't know how I'm going to live without our stunning views - if I could roll them up and take them with me I would! I have put together a...
  19. R

    3 Bed Semi Detached Villa for Sale in Akbuk with Stunning Sea Views

    Hello I have put my Villa in Akbuk up for sale for £54.950 ono as my husband does not get much time off work now and we hardly ever get to use it. So we have to sadly sell it. It is a lovely house with amazing sea views from even inside the lounge. I will miss the house big time but I know it is...
  20. R

    Views of Ex Pats who have returned to the UK

    Not sure if this is the correct sub forum but with the growing number of expats who, having lived in Turkey for some years, are now returning to the UK , or other destinations including Bulgaria. Just interested to discover how they have found the re-integration to the UK lifestyle. What are...
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