1. abba

    Viewing Pictures in posts

    When I click on a picture it will start to load but not finish. If I then close the loader and re=click the picture, it will completely load. Also, it will not move to a second picture unless I perform the same function. I must be doing something in error. Is anyone able to suggest how to...
  2. I

    internet TV and download for later viewing

    Just got limitsiz internet & want to watch uk tv but have tried filmon & it keeps sticking. Is there a site where you can download programs & watch them later offline to sort this problem?? A bit thick with all the techno stuff but just wondered if you could do that. Thanks
  3. McDHibs

    Problems viewing old posts

    Hi Mushtaq and Mods Just for your information. Not sure if its just my account but if I try and look at my old posts or try and see old posts from other members I just get a blank screen. I get a page count but no content, Its the same if I try to view thanked posts or posts thanked by me...
  4. Mag

    GAA Football Viewing - Bodrum area?

    Hi, Anyone know of any pubs in the Bodrum area broadcasting the GAA (Gaelic) football matches next month? The Leinster Final, Dublin V Wexford, is on while we are on holidays, and we would love to get to watch it somewhere. Thanks Mag
  5. Struggs

    I am having problems viewing TLF

    This only started 2 days ago, I cannot have any other window opened whilst trying to view the threads, and can only view about 3 threads, then nothing happens when I click on a thread, I have to close the window and start again. I am having no problems whatsoever with other sites I visit. I have...
  6. S

    Hi All - Need help with TV viewing

    I'm new to the forum and have been reading the threads re viewing problems with TV which brings me to the point... I'm going to be spending 6 months in Didim shortly with the wife and am looking to buy a system to view all the uk channels... Can you guys advise me on the best one to buy??
  7. Struggs

    You can donate a pound for free, just by viewing the video

    The following has been copied from a post on Money Saving Expert Over 107,000 dogs are abandoned every year. This film follows Charlie as he is abandoned to a frightening future. Join us in this year's campaign to help abandoned dogs. Subscribe to this channel and stay up to date, forward the...
  8. E

    Ilica Belediye website worth viewing

    Dear Ilica neighbours, I just discovered the municipal website of Ilica. Lots of fun, especially the translation into English of some sections, which would appear to have been done with Google translate or something similar, because it is complete gobbledegook, very funny. This apart, it is...
  9. Martyn

    Viewing Youtube in Turkey

    I see a lot of posts on here about being blocked from viewing Youtube. I have posted before to try to get around it by using an ip address in stead of the domain name. The posts I mentioned it in have got lost within other threads so I thought I would start a thread off about it. The most...
  10. S

    viewing trip bogus website

    Hi I joined the forum and my wife and I having visited Turkey for many years decided to take the plunge and nervousley arranged a viewing trip. We looked at lots of websites and decided on Place Overseas as the website had lots of really nice properties priced less than a lot of others. When we...
  11. B

    viewing trip update

    Hi, We have just got back from our viewing trip with Curbanoglu to Akkaya gardens - we were shown round by Jo Yilmaz and the managing directors son - Kushak. We totally loved the area, thought it was so peaceful and picturesque. We thought the standard of the build was superb. We have changed...
  12. Karyn UK

    Anyone considering property viewing in Turkey in May/June??

    A popular UK magazine is planning an article on people wanting to buy property around Kusadasi. They had planned a trip for end of May/begining of June but the original participants have had to pull out so they are looking for new participants. Basically it is an all expenses paid trip, you...
  13. M

    Viewing phone bills online

    Hi there Does anyone know whether it's possible to view our Turk Telekom bill online? I've tried searching, but haven't found anything which looks right, although my lack of Turkish is obviously letting me down. Our Emlak said this should be possible, but isn't sure how it's done. Thanks Mike
  14. Karyn UK

    Our October Viewing Trip - Part One

    I am not sure where to put this so I’ll put it here and Merlin (grovel) can move it if he needs to. I have a tendency to run off at the keyboard so you have been warned. I also try to write to entertain but hopefully there is some actual information amongst the purple prose. So here is part...
  15. S

    viewing trip to buy, not for us.

    We have just returned from our scouting visit to Turkey with a view to purchasing, obviously this is not going to be very quick. we headed for Fethiye and spent a week in a hotel, which was very nice, lovely views and very laid back harbour side of town. We looked at Calis, the estate agent was...
  16. Marc

    Akbuk Villa (Villa Marje) available to rent. Ideal for viewing trips

    Akbuk (Villa Marje) available to rent. Ideal for family holidays or viewing trips I'm at the point that I think i have got everyting sorted in the villa :36: time for it to start paying its way I reckon!! :cheers: We have decided to rent it out so if there is anybody thinking of taking a...
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