1. suzyq

    New Istanbul airport and canal video's

    Not sure how many people will be interested in these videos but I did find them interesting. The first phase of the new airport will open on 29 October this year. I didn't realise how huge the new canal project is going to be, and was amazed to see...
  2. juco

    Calais jungle live video clip

    LIVE STREAM CALAIS CAMP Being Shut Down Jungle Camp Calais Refugee Migrant Crisis FRANCE - YouTube
  3. teosgirl

    German video mocking president

    Turkey 'demands deletion' of German video mocking Erdo?an | World news | The Guardian Good morning EU, did you just wake up? Were you going to sell our rights and freedoms as...
  4. Jaycey

    Posting video clips

    Hi my geeky friends, another silly question but one that will surely not go on for 100+ posts! Earlier I just used to take a URL eg:, delete the ‘s’ in https, post and voila! But that doesn’t seem to work any more – any suggestions please (except from that *%$#...
  5. Freedom 49

    Video Player For sale.

    I know it's 'Old School' but I've been given a Video Machine, in perfect condition, complete with leads, to sell for My Nepali Fundraising. If anyone living around Side or Kumköy, or even visiting from Alanya or Antalya sides is interested in buying this, please PM me. Any fair price is...
  6. J

    Video ATMs - Uniquely Turkish

    Hi All, Currently Turkey is at the forefront of ATM technology and trendsetting in the world of Commercial Banking. "Video ATMs" are found almost uniquely within Turkey, whereby users interact with an ATM which calls up an advisor remotely for face2face assistance. We want to better understand...
  7. martin m

    U tube link to 5 min video Altinkum works

    Hi I know there's a thread about the beachfront at Altinkum, and if this is not news I appologize, but I have just seen this video from u tube, and think it's of interest to anyone connected to Altinkum, it's a 5+ mins video done drive by style of the entire seafront, warts and all of the...
  8. A

    New video of Akbuk

    Akbuk fans might be interested in having a peek at a new HD video I have just produced. It's on our website here Akbuk Video it is under 3 minutes. It is 1280x720 HD so viewing in full-screen will not reduce the quality, makes it better actually. Our old vid really needed replacing as it was...
  9. the bueman

    Funny video, 3 year old arguing with his Mum

    Really funny and is the link....?Listen, listen, listen, Linda!? Toddler argues with mom over cupcakes |
  10. thingthong

    Russian viral video

    Video: Russian viral video claims gay couples adopt children to rape them. Video: Russian viral video claims gay couples adopt children to rape them - An anti-gay Russian video has claimed that 50 per cent of pedophiles are gay and that gay couples only adopt children because...
  11. S

    Video download

    Hi guys Anyone know how I can add a video from a memory card to my iPad. Thanks in advance Sue x
  12. M

    Gumusluk - apartment for sale

    Apartment pics for sale I see many have difficulties putting pics in here like I had :-) In our days most of us have a phone with a camera ... maybe it's a way to present one's house/apartment for sale in here. Here is our place for rent/sale at Gumusluk/Koyunbaba area I took last year with...
  13. D

    Video cassettes

    If there is somebody out there with a video recorder or player, apart from you Garcia, I have a massive video collection for free to a good home.
  14. christella

    great video

    Jeff Gordon Scares The Life Out Of A Used Car Salesman - Greatest Video Ever |
  15. R

    Great video.

    So funny!! Dec 14, 2012 1:50pm | Facebook
  16. G

    VHS video player needed

    has anyone got a working video recorder for sale, i know this sounds a bit ancient but i have loads of videos and my recorder has conked out
  17. Yalides

    Awesome video

  18. willip

    dog paws video a dog rescue(happy ending)

    dog paws video one of their rescues ( it has a happy ending) but for all dog lovers have tissues ready Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue - The End is Amazing - YouTube
  19. K

    another diving video

    :clap: here is another diving video from my last trip :95im::11: diving around fethiye and ulo deniz - YouTube enjoy :307bt:
  20. kaplumba

    A video clip to tempt you

    This little clip turned up on my blog today and I've not seen it before. There are a few shots on it that are not of Datca towards the end but most of it is taken around the Datca peninsula. Datca Promotional Video - YouTube!
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