1. bickern

    Congratulations to Theresa May on her election victory in 2020

    Well, looks like Theresa will be a happy bunny after having the election victory she will no doubt have in 2020 confirmed today. Jeremy Corbyn and boundary changes due to reduction of MPs makes it more of a certainty.
  2. K

    DIDIM Golden Beach victory

    A great end to the year for the property owners. Good luck with the last piece of the action...
  3. suzyq

    Victory Day to be marked for 91st time

    The 91st anniversary of the Turkish victory over Greek forces in the War of Independence will be remembered around the country and in Turkish representations across the world today. Turkish President Abdullah Gül released a message yesterday to mark Victory Day. President Gül, during his...
  4. Sha Hoorsur

    Labour victory.

    Congratulations to the Labour party and all the hard working Labour candidates in the local elections. A well deserved victory over the Tory/ Liberal alliance. :9:
  5. D

    a victory for a Brit business owner!

    My wife and i have been in partnership with a person who has to be frankly hindered our business due to 'her' private financial situation. The partnership has now ended due to us buying her out. My wife and 'her' went to the nota and terminated it all and we have become 100pc owners. She will...
  6. John O' Dreams

    An Effin Victory

    Listen to the commentary after a minute into the broadcast. Effin hilarious! BBC News - Effin in County Limerick seen as 'offensive' on Facebook
  7. scotssteve

    Fiscal court victory in Iceland

    BBC News - Kent council wins £50m Icelandic banks battle well done Kent council; hopefully this will see many other local authorites win back the funds which they invested. One in the eye for Iceland which refused point blank to pay funds back. regards
  8. shazeroo

    Victory Day National Holiday

    In case anyone is wondering why all the Turkish flags are out.... today is 'Victory Day' which is a National Holiday here.
  9. bickern

    Victory Day in Turkey - Zafer Bayram

    30 Aug 2010 Victory Day is a national holiday that is recognised on 30 August and is celebrated throughout the country. Its origins date back to a battle that began on 26 August 1922 when Greek troops invaded Turkey. The invasion was successfully repelled and...
  10. zozatky

    Victory even with the odds against us.

    Today we have finally got in our hot little hands the Tapu for some property we purchased some 6 years ago. Ita a very long story and I wont bore you with the details. Suffice to say it involved a crooked emlak a German fraudster & a solicitor who didnt know is A....from is Elbow. We have only...
  11. Fendouglas

    What was up on Victory Day?

    As we were (regretfully) packing up to leave last Saturday, our Turkish neighbour told us that there was some sort of problem involving the "President" (Mayor?) of Yalikavak....We couldn't get the full gist of the story, but it seemed to involve him not being in the good books of the ruling...
  12. Lindy

    Victory Day Bayram

    Just a reminder that all bank and official offices will close tomorrow (30th August) in celebration of Victory Day ((1922) throughout Turkey. It was really good to see our friend Arif from Savanna Bar in Hisaronu proudly hang the Turkce flag at the entrance to the bar to mark the celebration 8)...
  13. C

    victory day ?

    hi , is there a big celebration in the Fethiye , hisaronu , oludeniz area on Victory Day ? if so , where and what goes on ? thank you Carl
  14. C

    Victory in battle against excess airport departure tax!

    Hi Just to update you on a thread posted a few weeks ago which I cannot locate. I WON!!!!! :thumbup: Having been charged an extra £15 on top of £ 5 already paid in departure tax for a flight departing in May, but booked before the new rules this year, I happened to come accross a posting...
  15. J

    Conversation overheard on the deck of HMS Victory:

    Just before battle...... Nelson: "Order the signal, Hardy." Hardy: "Aye, aye sir." Nelson: "Hold on, that's not what I dictated to Flags. What's the meaning of this?" Hardy: "Sorry sir?" Nelson (reading aloud): "England expects every person to do his or her duty, regardless of race, gender...
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