1. suzyq

    New Opening Times Antalya Vice Consulate

    UKinTurkey 5 hrs · ‘As of 1st May 2015 the public opening times for Antalya Vice Consulate will change. The new times will be: Monday 09:30-12:30, 14:00-15:30 Tuesday Closed Wednesday 09:30-12:30 Thursday Closed Friday 09:30-12:30
  2. C

    Vice Consul Antalya Jane Baz

    It does not seem to be noted that the British Vice Consular, Mrs Jane Baz has now retired from her position as Head of Mission. The little people can make a difference,
  3. alison09400

    Miami Vice set for Kusadasi

    I've just heard on the news that Don Johnson (remember Miami Vice) is heading for Kusadasi this week regarding investment. Wonder what kind of investment he's making?
  4. G

    Electrical Plugs - Changing 3 pin to 2 pin and vice versa

    My question is ... Are UK 3 pins plugs and Turkish/continental 2 pin plugs interchangeable so that I don't need to use a conveter plug.. For example, we have a present from Turkey (Large Pizza Grill) which is connected with a 2 pin plug. Can I easily fit a 3 pin plug instead for use in England...
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