1. Yalides

    Viable opposition party

    I wonder, now that labour is in the political wilderness of irrelevance, which party will rise as a viable opposition. A new party lead by Nigel the Farage maybe ?
  2. luddendenturk

    Is Bodrum Airport A Viable Option?

    I am just researching for a possible future trip to Datca - our first time this far down the peninsula! We usually collect a hire car from the airport for our return transfers, and also to use whilst in resort for a bit of exploring. My problem is that the flight options to Dalaman all involve...
  3. peter the postie

    Could this be viable?

    I have been trawling websites trying to find a suitable flight in may, and my mind wandered. Considering Altinkum will have a new ferry service to Kos this year would it be possible to fly directly to Kos & then get a ferry across to Altinkum? If it were possible it would obviously open up a...
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