1. S

    Vets charges

    Do you think vets charges are reasonable or do you think they are hyped up because they know how emotionally attached we are to our pets and would be prepared to pay anything to save them. This recently happened to my daughter and son in law. They decided they wanted to buy a kitten. They done...
  2. S

    3rd country vets cert in Bodrum

    Hi all, does anyone know where the vets are in Bodrum that issue the 3rd country vets certificate for export? Has anyone an experience of dealing with them as I am going to need the cert in Bulgarian so the Phil/Sue can take our cat next weekend? We've just been quoted 400tl to get this piece...
  3. RustyDalyan

    Volunteer vets in Turkey

    Hello all, I'm trying to organise some volunteer vets to come over from UK to work on neutering/spaying projects in conjunction with shelters. I've had a reply from a vet charity organisation who said they have had problems in the past with volunteer vets not being allowed into Turkey. Does...
  4. Spurs

    Vets or pot?

    Why did the chicken cross the road in Akbuk? Could he not see me? Or was he suicidal? I hit him, a big white thing heading towards Migros in the rain, I hit the brakes but.............. A car going in the opposite direction stopped to “help” the poor bird or thats what I thought, he slung it...
  5. O

    Reliable and professional vets in yalikavak and bodrum

    Here is a list of vets that are excellent in handling all cases. Their clinics are extremely well equipped and these veterinarians attend symposiums all year long for further education and knowledge. You can trust them to give the best possible care for your pets. These are the only 3 that I...
  6. J


    Can anyone in the Manavgat/Side area recommend a vet to me please? (For a dog returning to UK) with up to date passport/rabbies injections etc. Many thanks
  7. B

    Vets in Altinkum/Didim

    Does anybody know if Aybuk Vets are still in business and if so, where they are located please.
  8. A89

    Vets fees

    A few weeks ago I took in a kitten from the street. Shes lovely and has settled really well with me though she is petrified of anyone else. As Im living on a very tight budget I did ask around a little before I decided to take her - about the costs of food, litter and vets fees etc, spaying in...
  9. M

    vets in yalikavak

    Hi, We adopted a puppy a month ago from Yalikavak shelter. She is 3 months old now,so was due her injections. We were recomended to use Fulya in Yalikavak. We took her yesterday,no appointment,she had a full check up,ears cleaned out,nails clipped,wormed and 2 injections. Superb service,we were...
  10. B

    Cattery & Vets

    Is there such a facility in Altinkum ?? We have two cats and we intend bringing them out with us when we get to move out permanently. The thing is, what do people do when they pay a visit back to the UK ?? Also, can anyone recommend a good Vet, our apartment is located near the...
  11. peter the postie

    Why do vets always make me feel guilty?

    I've just got home after taking Mindy for her first jab. Everythings fine with her and she was a star, but no matter how much good I think I'm doing the vet always tells me different. "What food is she on" .. Erm Tesco puppy food because thats what she was weaned onto so I dont want to upset...
  12. M

    vets in Altinkum

    Morning all Could anyone reccomend a good vet in Altinkum we will be living there in September and would like some advice as to who other members use for their pets. I am already aware of the vet in Yennishar i think his name is Ali he has a large shop that sells all types of dog food. Any...
  13. B

    Petlife vets in Gunlukbasi..urgent!

    Hi, Does anyone please have the phone number(s) for the vet, Mustafa, at Petlife in Adnan Menderes Bulvari, Gunlukbasi? Our cat is there and we have to change details with the vets before we leave for the UK shortly....the phone numbers we have are with our cat's passport at the vet.. Many thanks!
  14. L

    Vets in Alanya

    We have 3 cats and a dog we bought over with us from the UK and asked Lynda for a good vet here, she told us about Bremen's not far from the Main Friday Bazzar, we went to have our pets chipped and injected and were very impressed with his set up, it really is alot more than what we could of...
  15. R

    Standard of hospitals and dentists and Docs?Also vets and cattery?

    Hello Thinking about moving to Altinkum area or Kudasaki area.What are your experiences of dentists and doctors and hospitals in these areas?Good or bad?Also I have a cat which I plan on bringing to Turkey too.Are there catteries and vets around ?Love to hear about your experiences with these...
  16. K

    Vets, strays and animal shelters?

    Are there any in the Altinkum area?:) K
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