1. mamish

    Recommended vet in Dalyan

    We've heard that there is a very good vet in Dalyan who has done some training in Germany and also services Ekincik. Can anyone offer information? Many thanks.
  2. H

    Dog groomer and vet around Dalyan

    Nearest recommended dog groomer and vet to Dalyan please
  3. L

    Vet recommendation near Urla

    Please can anyone recommend an English speaking vet (just in case!) Thanks Anita
  4. C

    Government Vet Bodrum

    Does anyone know the exact location of the vet you need to see for the final paperwork required to take cats out of Turkey? TIA for any info.
  5. bickern

    Cockatoo finding out he is going to the vet

    I haven't the foggiest idea what this Cockatoo is saying but I love it.
  6. R

    Vet required in Didim or Altinkum

    Hi we arrived in Nov last year and 3 little stray kittens arrived at our back door looking for food, you know the story. Anyway we had to go back to the UK for a couple of months leaving them plenty of water and food in dispencers. On our return in April this year we were presented with a...
  7. L

    Vet in Dalyan/Ortaca/Dalaman area

    Can anyone recommend a vet in the Dalyan/Ortaca/Dalaman area please? Preferably one where there is some English spoken
  8. gally

    Vet in Side?

    Hi, does anyone have the details of a Vet in Side please? (Not Alanya) I know there is a good one who deals with a lot of europeans but I dont know his contact details or address. Any help welcome thanks
  9. C

    Beware this VET!

    Does anybody know the vet Polat Duran? If he is treating your animals BEWARE! Butchery in Fethiye : the Incredible Torture of Mila the dog | He'Art of Rescue
  10. Phil Johns

    Bodrum Government Vet "paper rat"

    Please note: We collected a dog yesterday from Bodrum the dog has been qualified to travel for a couple of weeks and only required the government vet certificate when the the gov vet refused to stamp and sign it, as the dogs travel was being dealt with by a 3rd party ie the lady who was caring...
  11. R

    good vet

    can anyone reccomend a good vet in fethyie to sort out paperwork to take my dog back to the uk.thanks
  12. N

    state vet

    Hı does anyone know whıch harbour ın Bodrum you have to go to for the state vet stamp so your dog can travel to uk?
  13. L

    Vet on Airport Road

    Does anyone know if Sefa the vet is still around? I've been down to his place quite a few times and he's not there.
  14. S

    New Vet in Gümüşlük

    There is a new Vet in Gümüşlük next to the local shop called Nizam Market close to the new football stadium. Do you know anything about him/her?
  15. R

    Salary of a Vet

    Hi, does anyone know what the salary for a vet would be here in Turkey?
  16. H

    Good Vet in Koycegiz Area

    We took in 3 small kittens at the end of last summer when their mother died (hit by a vehicle). The time has come to have the operations done so that the 3 dont quickly become 6 or 9. Can anyone recommend a good vet in the Koycegiz area (with approximate location please) who could do the...
  17. M

    Vet in Bodrum?

    Hi. I am planning to move to Gumusluk within the next 2 years and I am bringing my dog with me. Is there a vet in the area? somewhere to trim him. Thankfull for all info Muffins
  18. O

    Aybek Vet - Didim

    Hello, Struggling to find the location of Yaser's Aybek Vets in Didim. Can anyone help me please. Thanks Olly
  19. M

    English Speaking Vet around Fethiye?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good english speaking vet in the Fethiye area? Also looking for the vet to have knowledge on exporting pets out of Turkey, a vet that can do all the proper paperwork. thanks Megan
  20. A

    Ali Durmus Vet

    I have lived here for 5 years and the only vet I will use is Ali Durmus....I feel as I need to post this and get it off my chest as he seems to be getting a little bad press lately.......and I am a usually very good judge of character. First of all my dog that was brought from the UK has been...
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