1. J

    Vertical Mounted Backwater ValveS

    Drainage Backwater ValveS I have been searching for decent quality vertical mounted backwater valves to act as anti flooding protection against backflow of storm water in to bathroom/shower areas. Have had no joy so far and the ones I have seen in the local yapi markets are not up to much . I...
  2. E

    Vertical blinds

    Hi where can we get some vertical blinds in yalikavak
  3. Fuzzy

    Vertical Blinds/ Carpenter ?

    Can anybody recommend a good company in Yalikavak that fits vertical blinds ?? or can you only get horizontal blinds like venetian/ wood etc. ?? l'm also looking for a reliable carpenter who preferably speaks some English to make cupboards and wardrobes for our apartment ???? Thanks for any...
  4. T

    Vertical Blinds

    Anyone know if there is a vertical blind supplier in or around Akbuk? Thanks Peter
  5. T

    Vertical Roller fly screen for patio door

    Hi all, We are going out to furnish our new apprtment at Summer breeze next week and I want to have fly screens fitted while I am there. I particularly want the type that are like vertical roller blinds for the patio doors. They meet in the middle and retract back when opened. Anyone know if...
  6. LINDA4654

    Vertical Blinds

    Hi all Could anyone tell me where I can buy vertical blinds. If oneone knows do they fit them? Thanks in advance I am over on Saturday to buy and I will be putting all the advice I have had off the site into action! :lol:
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