1. Lez Zetli

    To UK: plane versus train costs

    My upcoming journey to the west of England, hand baggage only: Plane İzmir > Gatwick: 1,600 miles £38 = 2.4p per mile Train using split ticketing: Gatwick > West country: 160 miles £49 = 31p per mile Nothing new, just sayin'
  2. bickern

    British Versus American Terminology

    The UK and the US have a wonderful relationship – we have lots in common with our transatlantic neighbours but contrary to what many people think, language might not be one of them. We recently opened new offices in America and everything was going swimmingly, until we suddenly realised that...
  3. T

    Sunni versus Shia

    For the last few years I have resisted a view of the Middle East that sees the region largely in terms of a conflict between two interpretations of Islam. This view may, or may not, see the interventions of the USA and followers on one sid, and Russia on the other, as supporting, arming and...
  4. B

    European Court versus UK.

    BBC News - UK faces European Court over benefits for EU nationals Should the UK obey the European Court, or just ignore it? Other countries tend to do their own thing. Bill.
  5. shirleyanntr

    Alcohol versus Ayran

    the pm was on his soapbox this week as usual and as usual his theme was anti alcohol He is quoted as saying the national drink of Turkey is Ayran. this is enraging many as the world over people know the national drink of Turkey has always been Raki. Furthermore he also stated that he will...
  6. willip

    dogs versus cats!/photo.php?v=236170989852903&set=vb.413394075362661&type=2&theater
  7. T

    Israel versus Iran

    A review of the military and political possibilities and probabilities in the relations between the two countries. BBC News - Analysis: How would Iran respond to an Israeli attack?
  8. John O' Dreams

    Family Silver versus Serfs

    Dispatches: Selling Off Britain. Channel 4 at 8.00pm tonight. Krishnan Guru-Murthy hosts a studio debate on whether ministers should dispose of state assets worth billions of pounds to cut the national debt, instead of making spending cuts in the public sector.
  9. N

    Eu countries versus turkey (economic recovery)

    I have attached the following extract from TODAY'S ZAMAN (26/12/2010), which provides a great commentary relating to the "state" of the Turkish economy having now survived the last 2 years of the "world downturn". I have read many negative threads recently relating to the increase in prices etc...
  10. S

    Champion versus Lidle (Kos)

    Our residency is due to run out so before we renew it we are having a trip over to Kos to do a bit of Xmas shopping. For those of you in the know, what do you think is the better supermarket, Champion or Lidle????? We usually go to the little Co-Op but someone told me that their stocks were...
  11. P

    Didim solicitors versus London International Legal solicitor

    The last two weeks reading in the Voices newspaper online that a solicitor from the London International legal firm has secured an injunction on properties for people who went through the court after firstly using Didum solicitors that lost. Well done to this International solicitor in...
  12. rafiki

    Spain versus Turkey

    Having moved back to Fuengirola in Spain again almost 1 year ago I've had plenty of time to compare the cost of living and standard of living compared to the 2 years I lived in Altinkum. Not taking the cost of buying a property into account I must say Spain wins hands down in MY OPINION for the...
  13. shirleyanntr

    real beer versus efes

    i noticed that our mr no-nem says the thing he misses most in turkey is real beer..not watery efes. :w00t: where would we be without a well chilled Efes...and a packet of crisps. a Newcastle brown ale just wouldnt have the same must be a cultural thing becasue of the name.. :)...
  14. Pennie

    female versus male

    Please do NOT read this if you are easily offended by poems of unpolitically correct content........Thankyou FEMALE POEM -------------- I want a man who's handsome, strong and smart One who loves to listen all day long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks, I...
  15. lorraine

    Male versus female shopping!

  16. A

    sterling versus the euro

    Ear-wigging a Starman topic...he says that it is better to take euros to turkey as opposed to sterling..does this apply to the general holiday-maker too ?..Alan.
  17. juco

    Video player UK versus Turkey

    Hi all, I know video players/recorders are on the way out in favour of dvd players however I have one I was going to bin with the hundreds of films I have and thought about taking it to Turkey apartment to use in the short term til I get proper tv etc set up.It would also be useful to leave for...
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