1. bal canavar

    Mosaic with Bible verses found in Turkey

    New 120 sq. meter mosaic containing Bible verses found in southern Turkey A new 120 square meter (1,300 square foot) Byzantine mosaic dating back to the 5-6th century C.E. containing a Bible verse in Greek as well as depictions of various animals living together in peace was discovered at an...
  2. P

    Rental income verses cost of ownership..

    Without getting too specific or personal with this I though I'd try to run a poll to see how rental income compares against the running costs of a property. The question will be based upon how much your property costs to maintain/run per annum against the amount of rental income you receive for...
  3. Lindacm

    Residency verses 90 day Visa

    My 3-year visa expires in July. Due to the rising costs of residency, with little reward, I am considering a 90-day visa instead. As I plan to be out of the country quite a bit between July-March I think a 90-day visa would be okay. Can anyone advise if there are visa runs during Nov from...
  4. martin m

    cctv verses security guard

    Hi all Just back from a fortnight in Altinkum,and yes we had a great time, and never saw a cloud for two weeks, The only blot on the horizon was a debate over security, because when we where out in May they (oracle) installed cctv cameras on our complex, with the tv,s that monitored them placed...
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