1. shirleyanntr

    Verbs for Gren

    Verbs for Gren Gren asked for an easy explanation of how 'verbs' work. There isnt an easy explanation.:37:.However the good news is that once you learn the formula for each tense or modification you can apply it for all the verbs. there are many ways that verbs are modified but as a learner you...
  2. P

    201 Turkish Verbs book.

    This may be of use to people trying to learn Turkish. As the Title says there are 201 Turkish verbs. Each page has a verb fully conjugated in all the tenses. at the back is a Turkish / English verb index and an English / Turkish verb index. I have found it very useful. £ 6-99 from Amazon...
  3. shirleyanntr

    7th basic about present tense verbs

    this ones long..sorry..and maybe a bit oof but you are going to have to understand how verbs are put together...takes some doing at the start so i'm going to use just four verbs in the present tense as an introduction... There is a lot to learning the verbs but take it slow and get a good...
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