1. Freedom 49

    New venue for table-top fund raİsİng

    Please put word around if possible to people that support our efforts for raising funds via the Table-Topping to feed and sterilise the street-cats. Many of our supporters are not TLF members so any news passed on by word of mouth would be most welcome. We'll be back at The Flying Horse from...
  2. paddington bear

    New table top venue

    There will be a table top this Tuesday at the Side Friends Restaurant, sellers can set up from 10.00 am for a 11.00 am start. For those of you who don't know where this is, it is on Fatih Boulevard further down on the other side of the road to A101 and just below the Tuesday market place. I...
  3. D

    Wedding Venue

    Hi, we are getting married in May, can any one tell me any nice venues around the Ovacik, Olu deniz area please, its not a big wedding, about 30 max, Thank you .
  4. B

    Cancelled Venue

    Due to unforseen circumstances the forth coming event in Bar 9 on Saturday the 7th January 2012 has been temporarily postponed. We sincerely appologise, and will re-schedule in the near future to show our appreciation towards our loyal customers and friends. We wish everyone a Happy and...
  5. M

    Live Music venue

    Just to let all you people out there that like live music know that local band BAKER STREET will be appearing at the DERBY HOTEL on Wed 5/5/10. Put on your glad rags and come on down and boogie,hope to see you there.:11:
  6. H

    Wedding in Turgutreis Venue needed

    Can you help me. I am staying in Turgutreis and i am getting married on 31st July. I have a wedding planner but I have booked the cermony only package so I am looking for a venue preferable close to the beach. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. KKOB

    Another Great Venue For A TLF Meet-up ?

    BBC NEWS - Clothing forbidden at hotel
  8. H

    wedding venue

    hi as some of you members may recall from a previous post i am looking to get married this summer in bodrum and am wanting to keep it low key and the price low.i want to find a nice place for our guests to have a meal and music as there will only be a small group, i thought a restaurant would be...
  9. Lindy

    Wedding in Turkiye - venue decorations

    An English friend of mine who lives in Turkiye is getting married in Sept at a hotel in Ovacik. The hotel she is using rely on outside companies arranging the flowers, table decorations, etc. She has tried a company in Fethiye but was shocked at the cost of well over £1000 GBP just to decorate...
  10. YogiPJ

    Venue Decoration

    Hi Does anybody know of a person/company that does "professional" not tacky decoration for events such as parties/weddings etc. Maybe you have used somebody who did an excellent job at a decent price? We are talking venue decoration such as chairs, flowers, hoops with floral decoration, all...
  11. D

    looking for a `turkish` music venue around Fethiye

    I have finally persuaded my older brother ( a Spanish lover and visitor there for the last 16 years )who has never been to Turkey.. to stay with us in our apt in Hisaronu in June 2007 . I know once there he will be gobsmacked by the locality, the turkish people and their friendliness and...
  12. merlin

    Scholars in Turkey Change Conference Venue....

    A group of academics planning to hold a conference on the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire has decided to skirt a court order banning the event by changing the venue, an academic official said Friday. The conference deals with one of the most sensitive issues of Turkey's history...
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