1. bickern

    Self Drive Vehicles

    UK's first autonomous road trip: Nissan LEAF drives itself from Bedfordshire to Sunderland, The all-electric car drove itself 230 miles in a record journey for an autonomous car in the UK following years of development. The Nissan LEAF is the first all-electric car built in the UK, and set an...
  2. Spurs

    RAC urges government crackdown on untaxed foreign vehicles

    It shows what a mess this government is in. It takes the RAC to inform them about foreign cars on our roads, my Q is if I have an accident with one are they legal? If not who pays? BBC News - RAC urges government crackdown on untaxed foreign vehicles
  3. A

    Customs Office in Istanbul ( for Blue Number Plate Vehicles )

    Hello all, Hope you had a good bayram. Before the holidays I bought a tax free car from a friend. He went back during the holidays, so I have to take the vehicle to the Customs Office on his behalf. I have all the required documentation. I only wanted to know the location of the Customs...
  4. C

    Possible vehicles for sale

    I'm not absolutely sure .....but I think Olivevillage may be selling a car and motorbike........ :blabla:
  5. D

    'de-licenced vehicles in Turkey

    Every so often i come across vehicles that for unknown reasons no longer have a registration document that allows them to be used legally on the roads here.--why does this happen in turkey? and is thee any way we can use our yabanci status to 're-introduce these vehicles for a bargain...
  6. ZiaCa'

    Ban on smoking in vehicles call by doctors

    A ban on smoking in cars and all vehicles is being demanded for by doctors in a pledge to reduce children's exposure to passive smoking. BBC News - Ban smoking in all vehicles, doctors demand
  7. SonnyJim

    New law re 'commercial' vehicles??

    We own a Doblo, which we know to be classified as a commercial vehicle as a result the speed limit is lower and the tax we pay is higher etc. It has now been brought to our attention that there is now a new law for this class of vehicle stating that you must have a special license, in order to...
  8. D

    bring vehicles into turkey

    Hi there My partner and i moved to Bodrum April 07 and in May bought his van in for 6 months (180 days). When we took it back out we were told by the turkish guys at the border we could bring it back for 6 months after it has been out of the country for 180 days, which is what we are going to...
  9. Martyn

    No smoking in company vehicles

    Being a non smoker i haven't taken much notice of the no smoking ban until yesterday morning when i got a letter from my company along with a no smoking sticker for my car. Apparently you cannot smoke in a company vehicle and must display a sticker. Now I don't let anyone smoke in my car but...
  10. B

    Unlicenced transfer vehicles

    In the Fethiye Times website recently, they are discussing the clampdown on unlicenced transfer vehicles entering Dalaman airport. When we left a few weeks ago, there was already a long queue at the first gate. Has anyone any first hand experience on this from the past two weeks? - and does it...
  11. D

    bringing vehicles into Turkey

    Can anyone advise me on how i find out about import tax on bringing your vehicle into turkey. i know most people say its not worth it..but until i find out where to get the relevant information i can't make that descision. We are moving to Bodrum hopefully by March 07. Thanks in advance Debs Kodic
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