1. J

    Vegetarian in Bodrum (and in general in Turkey)

    Hello, Coming to Bodrum for two weeks in about a month... My girlfriend is a vegetarian - always has been, hasn't ever eaten any meat (has tasted both red and white meat in adult years, but didn't like it)... So, how do I find some vegetarian food for her? :noidea: I've understood so much...
  2. K

    cost of living in Kayseri

    Hi, I've received an offer at a university in Kayseri and am wondering if it is possible to live on the salary, save and travel some. I like to cook, so I eat at home most of the time, not a big partyer. I like to hike and be in nature, so most of my free time is spent in getting to places where...
  3. M

    Vegetarian food in Ovacik area.

    My wife is vegetarian and was wondering if the restaurants offer any veggie supplement for meat? Also do the supermarkets stock veggie burgers, bacon and sausages? Thanks Matt.:
  4. Yogi

    Is a Vegetarian or non-Vegetarian diet healthier?

    As Vegetarianism seems to be an ‘in’ topic currently I thought it a good time to ask the question - is Vegetarian eating healthier/better for you than a balanced diet that includes meat? On the one hand there is the argument that some essential vitamins we need are found in meat? On the other...
  5. A89

    Not exactly vegetarian

    Im not exactly vegetarian, but rarely eat meat now that im living in Turkey. It has occured to me that my diet may now be deficient in some things and Ive been thinking of asking advice about this for a while, Ive now been prompted into actually doing so by the other thread running on the...
  6. Peaceplant

    Are you a Vegetarian?

    I was just wondering how many of our members are vegetarian. I recently gave up meat after a half-hearted failure last year when I ended up on organic meat. This time I am committed. It would be great to swap experiences and ideas - not to mention recipes. Who knows if there are plenty of us...
  7. D

    Vegetarian Cheese in Turkey

    Does anyone know if any Turkish cheese is truly vegetarian? We've noticed that all the ones which list ingredients contain "peynir mayası", which we believe to be animal rennet. Thanks, Dave.
  8. bobthenob


    Just wondered if we have any members that are vegetarian or are thinking of converting to being a vegetarian. Since health is a responsibility for each person.l have given it some thought now by reading up on vegetarian diet how it is beneficial to one’s life.The fruit and veg that has the...
  9. Mushtaq

    Turkish Lentil Soup (Vegetarian)

    Ingredients Amount /Measure Ingredient 1/4 cup dried chickpeas 1/3 cup bulgur 1/2 cup green lentils; heaping measure 6 cups water 1 medium onion - thinly sliced 1 1/2...
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