1. Camden

    e- vegetables

    Vegetables by post ... Due to the continuing high prices of vegetables due to the money crisis AKP's Ankara's and Istanbul's Metropolitan Belidiye's have set up of mobile vegetable stalls selling cheap vegetables to the public. Turks have Halk ekmek (peoples bread) they now you have Halk...
  2. S

    Turkish municipalities to sell vegetables

    Turkish municipalities to start selling vegetables next week ISTANBUL Turkish municipalities to start selling vegetables next week Municipalities will start selling vegetables and fruits next week directly to consumers in an effort to curb the prices of those items while state-owned lender...

    Vegetables to plant this month in UK

    Looking at Gardeners World on the BBC last Friday night inspired me to get gardening and I decided to put together a comprehensive month-by-month list of what you can sow in our mild and not too warm climate. All grown outdoors. With the exception of Celeriac, Celery, Sweet corn and Tomato...
  4. immac

    Dried Vegetables

    From today's ZAMAN newspaper Health, flavor and convenience rolled into one: dried vegetables Drying vegetables is a part of the traditional Anatolian kitchen. During the summer every house fills its balcony with the lines of eggplants, string beans, peppers, squash, and okra. When the winter...
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