1. B

    Veg prıces

    I know the fruıt and veg prıces are up and down at the moment but yesterday was a new record for me!! we use the same shop on the boulevard for our veg shopping and today the red peppers were 20tl per kilo, we could not believe it can any body beat that? are the prices the same all over Turkey?.
  2. suzyq

    Price rises expected for fruit and veg

    Frost that hit a number of agricultural products at the end of March will likely result in a roughly 25 percent hike in market prices, sector representatives have said. Heavy snow fell at higher elevations while temperatures occasionally dropped to minus 10 across Turkey, exacting a severe toll...
  3. oceandream

    Bodrum Market Fruit & Veg

    Hello All We are expecting to arrive in Bodrum on Monday (6 May) and will be in the town for a few days before moving onwards. As we will have to do a bit of food shopping I right in thinking that the main food market in Bodrum is on every Tuesday? Its the fruit and veg market ...
  4. raven

    How to stop veg from sprouting?

    How do I stop my garlic, onions and potatoes from sprouting? My garlic has just sent up green shoots and I feel I should be planting them grrr My onions and potatoes do the same, I have tried keeping them in the fridge, in a dark cool place in daylight no matter what I do they sprout. Please...
  5. Yogi

    Fruit & Veg Quiz

    Just for a bit of fun, can you answer these? Google is not allowed. 1.Carrots are said to be a good source of which vitamin ? 2.Which fruit tree has the scientific name “malus domestica” ? 3.If a dish is described as being “a la Florentine” what vegetable would it contain ? 4.What vegetable...
  6. Peaceplant

    No MSG veg stock cubes

    I just wondered if veg cubes with no added MSG were available in Turkey before I needlessly pack them? Knorr usually do them. Maggi are quite fond of flavour enhancer so doubt they will have one. appreciate if anyone knows?
  7. rosewall1

    growing veg in Turkey experiment

    I tried to grow some runner beans and broad beans earlier in the year and whilst they grew the harvest was nil mainly because it was june before I planted them so now I am experimenting with them. My gardening books tell me that runner beans could take 90 days to harvest time so I have now...
  8. K

    Veg storage

    Hi, Could anyone tell me what is the best way to store fruit and veg whilst in Turkey. We buy kilos and kilos of everything on market days, but within a few days it has died a death. Wondered if it's best to store in a cool airey room (thats a challenge) or just cram the fridge. How do you...
  9. shirleyanntr

    Growing veg Swede Parsnips etc..

    Re: Some ingredients you cant get in Turkey.... what i would really like are some parsnips...ive never seen any here...has anybody?
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