1. B

    pet WITH VALID EU PET PASSPORT from Turkey to Rhodes

    Please, has anyone taken a dog or cat WITH A VALID EU PET PASSPORT (ie an animal previously brought in from an EU country to Turkey) on the ferry from either Fethiye or Marmaris to Rhodes? Other than the EU passport, did you need any papers, such as a third country certificate please? Or if...
  2. oldfogy

    Passport Valid for ? months

    Not wanting to confuse any ongoing threads so am starting a new one. The question is How long must a passport be valid for when entering Turkey? I seem to remember that it changed not so long ago and now has to be 8 months from the date of entry, but even on at least one TR Gov site it still...
  3. R

    How long is a property military seach valid?

    Anyone know if a military search, cleared and ready for completion f property purchase, is valid for? Does it have an end date or automatically get cancelled after a precise time? :hearnoevi
  4. E

    SGK valid in north cyprus?

    Does anybody know if it is? We are planning a trip there in november and are unsure if we can use it or if we need extra travel health insurance.
  5. J

    E-Visa whilst Ikamet Valid??

    I have a strange scenario here and wonder if anyone can advise. I rent my home from an English man. My Ikamet is due for renewal at the end of september. I believe now, that my rental contract is required to be notarised for the purpose of the ikamet, however, my Landlord seems to have...
  6. F

    Passpoprt valid for less than 6 months

    Hello. I'm off to Turkey on 22nd October and my passport will be valid for 5 months 3 weeks. On the official web pages it says that it should be valid for a minimum of 6 months. Am I going to be denied entry to the country if I don't sort things out before I go?
  7. mollag

    Not new but still valid

    In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, penned by a US resident, which was posted on the...
  8. K

    90 day Visa now valid for a year!

    l just heard from a friend today that the 90 day Visa is valid now for a year. Has anyone else heard this?
  9. S

    leaving Turkey with a valid residency permit

    How much time is one permitted to leave the country and still keep the residency permit valid? I have an 18mth permit up to the expiry date of my passport
  10. D

    Non valid copy of Windows 7

    A friend and I recently bought a new computer each from a well known shop.Its on the main thoroughfares.BUT and this is the crunch.They are loaded with illegal copies of WINDOWS 7.Do I report this to MICROSOFT,POLICE or the makers of the PC who are EXPER??Any advice would be mst welcome.Also...
  11. juco

    Is your UK will valid now?

    What does last will & testament mean? This means this was the last will you made. And your last will is the `valid will` in a court of law. So does making a Turkish will inadvertently revoke your existing English Will! After all that was the last will you made! So will the Turkish lawyers have...
  12. L

    Valid Tapu ?

    I have heard a lot about this forum and have never really used it before as I haven't been able to get an internet connection since I moved here a year ago. I see there is a lot of helpful information on here which is fab. I also notice there is a lot of bitching which is sad. We have had...
  13. shirleyanntr

    insulting posts or valid criticism.

    Recently there was a post the title of the thread was insulting to children..not just children but the term Turkish children..and an insulting epithet added ...sensibly this has been removed. This forum gets read by many more people than the members, and so while criticism is of course in...
  14. J

    Do I require my visitors visa to be valid for the duration of my stay?

    I visited Dalaman in April and my visitor's visa is valid for 90 days. It was stamped on entry and exit and I notice it is a multiple visit visa. I am returning in July and the visa will still be valid when I enter Turkey but will have expired a few days before I leave. Do I need to get another...
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