1. D

    Valentine's Jokes.

    Tomorrow, on Valentine's Day, Yet again I'll be in my House on my own, watching Films and eating a Chinese Takeaway, with no one to talk too. To Be Honest. I really can't see a Downside.
  2. Freedom 49

    Valentine's Day

    Anyone wanting a Valentine's Card or even a Valentine Cracker to put on the dinner table for someone special? Come on down to the office in Side and have a look at our selection. All Hand Made and ready to go! :36329ht5b
  3. D

    Valentine's Jokes.

    The girlfriend wants me to surprise her, this Valentine's Day. Gonna introduce her to my Missus.
  4. D

    St. Valentine's Day Jokes.

    Morning friends. I've just booked the same Table for St.Valentines Day as we did last year. Hopefully she'll pot more than 2 Reds and a Pink this time around."
  5. G

    Happy Valentine's Day

    The weather is so miserable here and we are all about to blown accross the Atlantic so no need for flights! Just with everthing going on in the world at the moment I just thought it would be nice to send Valentine's greetings to all at TLF especially as his remains are here in Dublin. Have a...
  6. Yalides

    A Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift

    Jim asked his friend, Tony, whether he had bought his wife anything for Valentine's Day. 'Yes,' came the answer from Tony who was a bit of a chauvinist, 'I've bought her a belt and a bag.' 'That was very kind of you,' Jim added, 'I hope she appreciated the thought.' Tony smiled as he replied...
  7. R

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Hello Wishing everyone a great Valentine's Day and hope you have a wonderful day with the one you love. :bigkiss::bigkiss::438qr::474cu::416pv::blowkiss: The world needs more love in my eyes. Happy Valentine's Day
  8. perfect1949

    apart from valentine's day it's mummyduck's birthday

    happy birthday mummyduck , linsey, have a great day and i'm sure your valentine martin will make it a special day for you . dave xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. KKOB

    Valentine's Day

    These are entries to a Washington Post competition asking for a 2 line rhyme with the most romantic first line, followed by the least romantic second line 1. My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife: Marrying you has screwed up my life. 2. I see your face when I am dreaming. That's why I...
  10. A

    Happy Valentine's

    I hope you all sat enjoying a lovely meal with a fantastic sunset overlooking the sea - even if you had to wear your cardies! Its got to be better than 2 degrees and dull!!! Kisses all round, especially to those without someone to kiss!!! Take care :blowkiss: R
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