1. G

    Re: Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Re: Upright Vacuum Cleaner Does anyone have to sell, or do you know anyone who would like to sell a decent, upright British vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaners over here are not sturdy enough for the job in hand and have been looking for one for over 5 years. I had a Sinbo cylinder cleaner...
  2. beyazbayan

    need a vacuum cleaner service

    Anyone know of a service for vacuums in Alanya mine is getting very noisy but İ don't want to buy a new one as İ hate heavy ones or cylinder types.
  3. Yalides

    Vacuum cleaner

    Arcelik vacuum cleaner with all accessories and spare bags. 50TL
  4. niyaz

    Dyson ball ds 24 vacuum cleaner

    We had a skanky vacuum cleaner and it was heavy not doing the job properly. So my other half told me that her back was playing up and if I could hoover the place and half way through I chucked the vacuum cleaner and bought the Dyson at Argos for £220. Tesco retailing at £300. Now we are fighting...
  5. immac

    Vacuum Sealer for Kitchen

    I´m looking for a kitchen vacuum sealer for storing food. Need supplier for machine and bags in Turkey. Anyone know? Ian
  6. R

    Russell Hobbs Cylinder Vacuum For Sale

    Good quality, Light weight, very powerful Russell Hobbs Power Cyclonic, 2000W Cylinder Vacuum For Sale. Ideal for leaving upstairs, Bagless, approx 10 months old, brought from the UK, complete with all tools and spare replacement filter. Cost £60.00 when new, for sale for 80TL ono. Please...
  7. R

    Russell Hobbs Vacuum - Bosch Steam Iron For Sale

    Russell Hobbs Bagless Vacuum for sale. Russell Hobbs Powercyclonic 2000, 2000W. Hepa Filtration, with spare filter. Bought in the UK, approx 10 months old. Compact & lightweight, all tools as new. ~Reason for sale, returning to the UK. 100TL Bosch Steam Iron for sale, Superb Iron, with...
  8. immac

    Vacuum Bag Machine

    Kitchen vacuum sealer. Anyone know if these are available in Turkey? Machine sucks air out of food bag then seals it with heat. Ian
  9. peter the postie

    Vacuum cleaners

    How much are we looking at for a vacuum cleaner in Altinkum? We were thinking about bringing one over from the UK but is it were worth the trouble?
  10. Gill

    vacuum packing for flight?

    can anyone tell me if they used those bags -that that have all the air sucked out by a vacuum- to pack clothes and bedding to bring to Turkey. It probably is a daft question but - are they alright to put in your luggage in the hold? Thanks Gill
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