1. 3

    Moderna vaccine

    Good news Moderna now approved in America.....
  2. D

    Pfizer Vaccine.?

    With so much news about this Vaccine, just wondering the TLF people's views on whether they will be taking it up, when it's available to you.?? I'm told here in Bulgaria I will be able to have my 1st Shot of the Vaccine, hopefully within the next 3 weeks.? Over here it is NOT Compulsory.
  3. D

    Covid-19 vaccine for Turkey

    Has anyone seen any information regarding a Covid-19 vaccine for Turkish residents? David
  4. immac

    Compulsory Covid-19 Vaccine

    The British government is toying with the idea of compulsory vaccinations to get Herd Immunity up and running. While they are not talking about police raids to weed-out the refusers, they may put rules/laws in place that effectively limit your freedom unless you are injected. For example, one...
  5. D

    Covid/19 Vaccine.

    With many a potential Vaccine coming to fruit hopefully soon..?? Would you be happy to have it injected into you or would you need to look into it a lot further..?? As a 67 year old who is over-weight, I'm still not sure yet..??
  6. immac

    Pneumonia Vaccine Turkey

    I am wondering about getting the Pneumonia Vaccine done here in Turkey. Is it available under SSK, or cost? Where can you get it administered? Has anyone had it done here? Ian
  7. D

    Russian COVID/19 Vaccine.

    Joking Aside. If the Russian COVID/19 Vaccine was available to you..?? And it was the Only one out there at the moment. Would you willingly have it injected into your system, or Wait.???
  8. juco

    Flu vaccine

    Ministers are urging people not to be put off by failures of the flu vaccine last year. So they admit there are failures They say those who qualify for a free jab, or spray for children, should take up the offer this winter as it offers the most effective cover against flu. Based on failures...
  9. B

    Meningitis B vaccine.

    Meningitis B vaccine deal agreed - Jeremy Hunt - BBC News It's great to hear that at last a deal has been struck to make this vaccine available to all babies in the UK. Bill.
  10. culturevulture

    Flu Vaccine in Turkey??

    Is it possible to get the Flu Vaccine at the drop-in clinics in Turkey>Didim, if you hold a Residency Permit, please? Mary.
  11. teosgirl

    Swine flu vaccine - the sad outcome

    Many people were vaccinated against swine flu and had no adverse reactions, yet so many across the world have experienced negative side effects - why are the drug companies trying to deny this? I decided not to vaccinate my daughters when it was offered at school last year after a tormenting...
  12. raven

    Rotavirus Vaccine for Baby's

    We have been recommended by the hospital to buy the Rotavirus Vaccine. I am trying to work out if it is really needed or not. Has anyone given their child the vaccine or know if it is really needed or not? Thanks in advance Kerry
  13. Mushtaq

    Vaccine hope for prostate cancer sufferers

    A new approach to developing cancer vaccines has been used to treat prostate tumours, an international team of scientists has said. DNA from healthy cells was used to create a vaccine which cured 80% of mice, Nature Medicine reports. The researchers believe the principle could be applied to...
  14. bickern

    Aids virus vaccine

    Vaccine enables immune system to be constantly 'on the alert' for HIV More than half of infected monkeys given vaccine showed 'no signs' of virus in tests Human trials is next step for vaccine development An experimental drug helped monkeys with a form of the Aids virus control the infection...
  15. John O' Dreams

    Alzheimer's vaccine in 2 years?

    Alzheimer's vaccine could be available in two years A vaccine that could reverse the stages of Alzheimer’s may be available within two years. Although the jab is not a cure it has been found to be able to halt the disease and even reverse the damage caused in some cases. It is regarded as one...
  16. P

    Swine Flue Vaccine

    Just had my swine Flue vaccine. It was like mass production ! Should be interesting to see if there are any side effects. Pete
  17. R

    Rabies Vaccine

    Hi All, Does anyone know how much it costs to have the Rabies Vaccination once in Turkey? Also where would we go for this? :30: Our GP Surgery don't do the vaccine and have referred us to a Private Travel Clinic, who charge £42 per Injection which has to be done 3 times within 3 weeks - so a...
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