1. IbrahimAbi

    Boo Hoo, we have to pay our utility bills

    Saudi Arabian authorities have detained 11 princes after they gathered at a royal palace in Riyadh in a rare protest against the government suspending payment of their utility bills, the public prosecutor said on Dec. 6. My heart goes out to these poor souls Eleven Saudi princes detained...
  2. N

    Utility bills

    Is there a charge to take your name off the 3 utility bills if you are fully paid up in didim.
  3. S

    Utility prices

    Hi sorry to start off with a question,Didnt realise that I first joined Tl early days 2007, have been usingCBF since because of its nearness,and had forottenTLF until I used Google search engine, so here I am 6 years later. The question is after having electricity increase in 2012( just like...
  4. Yalides

    Utility prices in the UK

    E-on seem to be the cheapest for bundled supplies. Anyone got good deals they can advise ?
  5. S

    Utility and satellite payment

    Due to Kaya homes not agreeing so pay my utility and satellite bills as I complained about the maintenance on green apart I need a way of paying so I don't get turned off, can you pay at post office or is there a company that will pay bills, so beware even if you have been promised work to be...
  6. S

    Paying Utility Bills

    How do you pay council taxes, water, sewerage bills etc as our builder has withdrawn paying electricity bill facility forcing us to pay bill via direct debit at bank. I feel they will eventually pull out from providing the other bill paying facilities so I want to become self sufficient before...
  7. P

    Power Factor Penalty

    Hello all, I am a college student in the US and I am writing a report on electric utilities in Turkey. Specifically, I am looking for information on power factor penalties. Does anyone have a good source of information on this topic? Also, if anyone would be willing to share a copy of their...
  8. T

    Utility costs at Turquoise.

    A friend of mine is renting at Turquoise long term and has been asked for 300tl for 1 months water and electric which seems very very expensive. Anyone able to confirm what an average weeks bill on Turquoise should be like? This guy is Turkish so doesn't use the aircon a lot (or so he tells me)...
  9. Martyn

    Great little utility

    I have been using this utility for long while. It's great for identifying hardware, software and all the techie bits I used to use in my job. It's free for personal use, runs from a usb and is also installable(paid version). The paid versions include logos etc but the free one should do you...
  10. peter the postie

    Utility bills

    Just wondering if the bills are coming in a more orderly manner these days? If so how often are you getting yours? .. And are they still cutting you off quickly if you dont ante up?
  11. labman

    kat irtifaki / kat mulkiyeti and Utility problems

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum although I have done much reading over past months, loads of information, which has been so helpful but I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice? We purchaced a detached villa (Aydin Villas, Akbuk) on a complex of around 27 properties divided...
  12. P

    Deed Transfer, utility connection & Insurance

    I imagine this has been raised before, if so apologies. We have just completed at Olive Tree and Odek are asking for 7,800 YTL fore the cost of Deed Transfer, water and electric connection and mandatory insurance. This seems an awful lot of money to me and I recall reading somewhere that we can...
  13. GnD

    utility rates specific to each area in Dalaman

    hi all, Would REALLY appreciate any details on the electricity rates T1, T2, T3. T4 and timings during which each rate appies. We thought we were starting to understand them but apparently not as the other half found some statistics out on another website but they are not specific to Dalaman...
  14. C

    Utility bills written in Turkish

    I am presuming that all your utillity bills like gas electric etc come written in Trukish. How do you all go about deciphering them so that you can understand them. Also more importatly, do you get your bank statements written in Turkish or English. I tend to worry about the finer details of...
  15. murdo

    Utility Clarification

    I've read the various postings and want to check I am on right lines before speaking to my agent. So is this right.. ...electricity readings are done monthly in Turkey (would agent have this type of breakdown for individual apartments/residencies on a complex, when habitation cert not yet...
  16. willip

    utility bills

    i am in the process of buying a apartment in Altinkum, i want to know what sort of utility bill i will have to pay i:e gas,ele also do do pay them monthly weekly or yearly.also how do you pay them, need to know so i can work them in with my budget. thanks for ant help on this matter
  17. N

    Utility connections queries

    help...we've been cut off Our agent who we bought off and who is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike was supposed to pay our utility bills so we gave him POA on our account to set up a DD but guess what....there is a sticker on our meter saying we have been cut off. Now why am I not...
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