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    Transferring Utilities to New Owners name

    We have been messed around by our agent in Turkey therefore we would like to do things by ourselves with the help of this forum. Can you please tell me exact steps and offices where Electricity, Gas and water supplies is changed onto new owners name. Apartment is located very close to...
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    Help with Utilities, fittings, furniture etc

    We have bought an apartment at Hermias but are struggling to find any one that can help us with the fitting out (our Turkish is severely limited!). Does anyone know of a Handyman/Electrician/Joiner who could assist us? Similarly if there is anyone who could accompany us and/or translate to get...
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    finishing utilities

    Wouldn't it be simpler to just close down the bank account the direct debits are coming out of and let them disconnect me after i go rather than having a nervous breakdown going round all the utility offices with my bad Turkish?
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    I recently bought a holiday flat and went to register the utilities in my name. However I was told that I need to apply to the emniyet for residency first before they can be put in my name. Residency seems to imply a permanent move and this is a holiday/ second home. I do not intend to move to...
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    Transfer of utilities

    This was prompted by Linda's thread. Has anyone who sold their property got experience of transferring utilities to the purchaser? Did they have to do everything in person or did they appoint someone to do it by POA and when exactly did they do it?
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    Useful PC utilities

    Does anyone use any free utilities to keep their computer running quickly and efficiently? In particular im after a recommended registry cleaner but any tips for useful software to improve system performance is also appeciated. Thanks.
  7. K

    Transfer of utilities

    Hi Does anyone know how to transfer electricity and water services into your own name and how much this costs? We've heard of silly prices being quoted by management companies who will do it for you but believe it is much cheaper to do it yourself; we just don't know how and what information...
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    Transfer of Utilities

    We own an apartment on a complex, can we insist that the construction company transfers the untilites into our names? The company (who is also responsible for the maintenance) refuses to do this until all the owners have their tapu, we suspect however that they have no intention of doing the...
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    change utilities ?

    can someone tell me how much it costs to change electricity and water bills into your name when buying property . thanks
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    Cost of Estate Agent Managing Utilities

    How much does an estate agent charge for managing utility bills and looking in on apartment from time to time please.
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