1. S

    Matic to UTD

    Bound to say am surprised at Chelski agreeing to this move http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40781406
  2. S

    Man Utd

    So thats 8 losses- only one less than their worst ever 9 defeats. What do Man U fans in particular think re Moyes. Far too early to question his position or sooner sacked sooner recovery starts?

    Where do utd fans live

    Not sure about this one but I though it was worth sharing plus I am a little embarrassed about reading The Telegraph(just checking to see if Maggie is still with us) Anyway what do you think. Twitter map finally reveals exactly where Manchester United fans live - Telegraph

    Galatasaray/Man Utd

    I suppose I am pis8ing in the wind but I was wondering if any you lot would a have a spare ticket to sell for Tuesdays game. All Liars stay on the other thread.
  5. M

    Cıty v Utd

    Come on you BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. karios

    Chelsea v Man utd

    The game is live tonight guys at 9-45pm on star channel if you can get it
  7. peter the postie

    Man utd fans get boost for next premiership challenge

    Source: BBC Sport.. Berbatov not for sale, says Man Utd boss Ferguson Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has insisted the club have no intention of selling striker Dimitar Berbatov this summer. The 29-year-old has struggled to make an impact at Old Trafford following his £30.75m...
  8. yalimart

    glory glory man utd ££££££££££

    Another myth exploded ! Manchester United are the world's most valuable sports club, according to a report by Forbes Premier League - United named world's most valuable club - Yahoo! Eurosport martin
  9. chrissypaul

    Have man utd blown it

    Well,well well 0.0 against blackburn is it over ? If chelsea and arsenal win i think it could be :gulme:
  10. H

    UTD out

    Arsenal out last night UTD out tonight
  11. ceemac

    Man Utd Fans Asked To Pay £25 To Buy Club

    Personally I think this whole Red Knights thing is a load of cobblers.... 'Fans of Manchester United have been asked by a supporters' trust if they would give £25 or more to help fund a takeover bid by the Red Knights.' Here C
  12. Andywebb

    Turkish Airline to sponsor Man Utd

    Just came across this story on the BBC website: BBC News - Manchester United in Turkish Airlines sponsorship deal Manchester United in Turkish Airlines sponsorship deal The club has revealed that its debts total £716m Manchester United has signed a sponsorship deal with Turkish Airlines...
  13. whu66

    New Man Utd Watch

  14. peter the postie

    Utd 1 Citeh 2

    A great result today at Old trafford for the mighty blues. I was pleased with the response of the 5'000 citeh fans during the 1 minute silence to remember those who died in the Munich air disaster too. We earned respect both on and off the pitch today. :) City till I die
  15. G

    It's Leeds Utd's Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Leeds Utd. Hope all your dreams come true. (I even hope that some day you'll get back into the Premiership cos I miss the annual slaughter at Old Trafford). :52: Maria.
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