1. Jaycey

    Is it safe to plug a WiFi antenna into a USB port?

    Is it safe to plug a WiFi antenna into a USB port? > > > > > > > >
  2. D

    Boosting usb wifi dongle signal

    I've read with interest a recent thread on here about boosting wifi signal with a device suggested by christella, a very good product it looks too but it has got me there is a device/gadget available that will boost a wifi dongle signal? Having recently purchased one from...
  3. Talkinman

    Copy films to USB stick

    I want to bring out some of my DVD films to watch during our long stay this year, I bought myself a 64gig USB stick but find I am having trouble transferring them to the stick. Is there a program I can use to help me with this? I dont mind if I have to pay for one. It could be that the films are...
  4. T

    help with usb speakers needed

    I got some usb speakers to use with my laptop but can;t seem to get them to work, the speakers came with a cable with 3 jacks attached,I think one goes to laptop and two goes to speakers, but can't seem to get them to work. any help would be appreciated.
  5. P

    USB Memory drive

    Can my Itunes collection be backed up on a USB memory drive
  6. arrian

    USB adapter

    some time ago i bought a Sitecom 54g USB adapter and have never used it. i am going away for a few days and want to take my netbook with me, does this adapter mean i can use it in the netbook and pick up a network signal where i will be staying, or is there something else i would need to use...
  7. Q

    USB internet

    A bit ago, both Avea and Vodafone were advertising USB drives that provided wireless internet via their phone networks for 19 lira/5 GB. They wouldn't sell me one until I got my residency permit. Which I finally got a couple weeks ago, and then yesterday, after I decided Avea was kind of...
  8. Ian2006

    Digital Receiver with USB for recording & Card Slot

    Hi - I am in Fethiye and looking to buy a receiver that will allow me to record via a usb and it must have a card slot. Has anyone bought one of this spec in Turkey and can you give me an idea of cost and where you bought it? Many thanks - Ian
  9. Graham7

    UNLOCKED 3 Mobile Broadband Modem USB Dongle ZTE MF112

    Hi My dad as got the internet and at the moment he connects by ExpressCard slot the sim (Turkcell) is register. My Dad want to connect by USB so he can us it all so on his PC and as back up in case the laptop stop working. I have got him a UNLOCKED 3 Mobile Broadband Modem USB Dongle ZTE...
  10. A

    Trouble with USB port

    Hello. I recently tried to access the internet using a dongle. I followed instructions putting dongle into usb port but nothing happened. I tried all 3 usb ports. Dongle works on my wife's laptop and at shop where I bought it. Bought and tried to use it in UK. Anybody any (not too technical) ideas.
  11. christella

    USB wireless network adapter

    i have been told this is the best on the market i have just bought one ideal to take to turkey with your laptop if you are like me i dont have internet in my place but with so many places to log into this makes it easier because it picks up wi fi quite a distance away read the reviews on it...
  12. Andy

    Free HVCA USB memory stick

    It doesn't say what size it is but i would think no bigger that a 2GB. Just fill out the form with address and email, i always put in a false Tel No just in case ? USB request form
  13. KKOB

    USB Pet Tags

    What a brilliant and simple idea ! Perhaps it'd be a good idea for kids too ? :roundgrin USB pet tag stores more than just the pets name
  14. T

    USB memory plug in

    Does anyone remember Pete the Postie ,Thurstan or somebody pointing out a website offering a free USB memory chip plug in from the States. I applied for it but it never arrived so has anyone got theirs??
  15. peter the postie

    Free USB Pen

    It doesn't mention what size, but appears to be a genuine offer. This offer for a free promotional USB Drive is currently only available in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
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