1. gam101

    Question UPS courier delivery to Turkey

    Ola again folks! I didn't know where to file this under. I am hoping to receive a UPS package from the U.S. and upon checking the online status I saw this; "Importer Power of Attorney documentation is required for clearance. We're working to obtain this information. / We've contacted the...
  2. immac

    UPS Packet - where will it end up?

    I had to get some papers safely to HMRC in Newcastle U Tyne. As usual, I use UPS for important things going from Turkey to UK. Given to local shop on Monday (15th) morning and followed the tracking as it quickly went via Istanbul, Koeln (Germany) and was at the distribution depot in Castle...
  3. L

    any meet ups south of Izmir

    Hi again Came over from UK last week, am settled in Yelki, near Guzelbache, have a car now and looking for some company for me and the spaniei, can anyone recommend any decent dog friendly walks for starters thanks in anticipation Anita
  4. bickern

    UPS gripe sheet

    After every flight, UPS pilots fill out a form, called a "gripe sheet" which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground...
  5. immac

    UPS - What Is Wrong With Them?

    I have things shipped in from EU, USA and UK on a fairly regular basis. Whenever UPS is used there is always delay and added expense. Other carriers - FedEx, Royal Mail, USPS, Deutsche Post etc. - manage to get things to me with minimal delay, dealing with Customs without fuss and adding nothing...
  6. Jaycey

    I Love my Pop Ups

    I keep getting this pop up - seems good value but has anybody actually tried it yet?
  7. B

    Estate agents Dress ups

    Its amazing how estate agents can take a photographs of different properties, and sell them.We looked at few properties, and made our own arrangement to come to Turkey. When we arrived here,we were told that some of the properties didn't have paper work or they were sold. We are lucky that we...
  8. S

    TLF Meet ups?

    Do Tlfers still have meet ups? I remember years ago there was one such gathering here in Ireland. Some of those present then have fallen from grace, or no longer post but do others still meet up ?
  9. flowerpotman

    pop ups

    This is for the computer wizards out there . I am using google chrome and run windows 8 just recently i can click a tab or button in a window and it opens another tab with advertising it has locked me from using internet banking as it wont take me past my first page login. if i close the new...
  10. Jaycey

    Pop Ups

    Every now and again this annoying pop up appears. There are no yes/no buttons and no escape. All I can do is move it as far off screen as possible or reboot. Can I download a blocker or is there another solution? Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  11. M


    Does anyone know if ups has got an office in Didim and if so, where about it might be. thanks
  12. juco

    The cover ups continue

    So much for transparency and encouraging whistle blowers. Report a misuse of funds and you get arrested! The police and crime commissioner should be sacked.
  13. Talkinman

    Pop ups

    Hi to all I need some help with Pop ups that have started to appear on my laptop, This started a few days ago for no apparent reason they are either on the side of the screen the base of the screen or even full page. The full page ones are almost always asking me to take pert in a survey and...
  14. C

    ups downs

    I have a holiday house in marmaris what are other peoples experence of living in marmaris the good and the bad. thanks
  15. P

    tapu hold ups - any news?

    I know there was a couple of threads about this recently but can't find them, so applogies for repetition of question. Is there any news on the tapu and MC hold up? Its taken 2 years for us to find a buyer and now everything has come to a full stop until this is system is up and running again...
  16. D

    Expat meet ups around Calis

    Hi can you tell me if there are any particular bars where ex pats go? or are there any regular meet ups? we are over from the 2nd-16th July and are moving over permanently next year it would be great if we could meet some people already living there, thanks Deb and Malc
  17. ZiaCa'

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

    Does anyone have any experience of using this as a power back up and are there any particular brands/features to look out for? I'd be looking at backing up Modem and Laptop in case of a powercut. Does anyone know where to buy one in Fethiye and approx. how much they are? Thanks!
  18. Squeaky

    Standard & Poor’s ups Turkey’s credit rating to investment grade

    Good afternoon: I imagine this bit of news will come as a bit of shock to some on this forum who dislike the AK Parti and use every opportunity to complain about them and their actions. Well, as this article indicates they must be doing something right even if some would prefer to see the...
  19. G

    meet ups ? (3rd Sep to 8th Nov)

    anyone fancy meeting up between 3rd sept and 8th nov ??
  20. P

    Meet ups ,Yalikavak ??

    I noticed Lynda,on the Alanya Forum is suggesting some meet ups when people are over there.This seems to be a good idea,even if its just coffee .Maybe we on the Yali forum can adopt her idea. Mag and I will be in Yalikavak April 8 to april 15 .It would be nice to say hello to any members over...
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