1. Jaycey

    Uploading videos

    Uploading videos I’m sure this question has been asked before and I’m not sure that the sticky FAQs help. Anyway I’m feeling exceptionally stupid today so …. How do I upload a video rather than just posting a link ie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNCzSfv4hX8 I tried to emulate Norman...
  2. CJD

    Uploading photos from flikr

    I'm having trouble :noidea: uploading a picture from my flikr a/c onto the forum can anyone help please

    Uploading video on tlf

    Can anyone tell me how I can upload video content on to TLF.I have tried the search facility but could not find precise instructions. As I am a bit daft please type your response slowly. Thanks
  4. T

    Uploading URLS

    Sorry but i am new to this site and I am trying to upload two URLS, everytime I type in the info it says invalid file, which is the correct url address and where do i find it. thanks
  5. Madwife

    Uploading Photos

    I've just spent nearly an hour trying to upload 12 photos of Akbuk. After sitting twiddling my thumbs for 20 minutes I've got the message 'fatal error' etc etc. So I've given up. There was a stunning sunset on 19th Sept, which I caught. If anyone wants to see it I've posted it on FaceBook...
  6. Tommie

    Uploading video

    I have taken a video of a kitten playing with a rabbit on the beach in Altinkum and have downloaded it to my PC. It's approx 125mb in size and runs for just over a minute. Is there anyway I can upload it to the web as a streaming video, and can I use it on the forum? I don't know how old...

    Uploading pictures

    how do I upload photo's to be included in any messages ??
  8. M

    uploading photos

    Hi All. I have tried to upload photos onto " My Albums " but after going thru all the procedures, and being told that the upload was successfully completed, i am then told " I have no photos in " My Album" I am obviously doing something wrong - can someone please help. Thanks:kitapoku:
  9. Sweetnighter

    Uploading Photos

    I have uploaded several photos with no problems but recently I have been getting the following message when I attempt to upload "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 11264 bytes) in /home/mu5htaq/public_html/photopost/image-inc.php on line 116"...
  10. Sweetnighter

    Uploading Photos

    I am trying to upload photos and the message below appears although I am told that I have "unlimited" upload space Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 11264 bytes) in /home/mu5htaq/public_html/photopost/image-inc.php on line 116 .........anyone...
  11. T

    Uploading Audio files

    I have a WMA file of Pebble talking about her project during her illness and wanted to upload it so members could listen but the system only accepts WMV files It loads in Window Media Player and has a patterned background while she is talking. Any ideas as I am useless with uploads and its on my...
  12. Harem

    Uploading Photos using URL

    My husband has joined a forum and he wants me to upload a photo as his avatar. Unfortunately the only way this can be done is by a URL. I don't know how to do it. The only URL with photos that we have is on my Facebook. Help, please (if anyone can understand my garbled way of asking a...
  13. C

    uploading photos

    Hi everyone, advice please, soething has gone wrong with the way I can upload photos from my computor to an email?? I always could pick the photo file I wanted click onto as many photos as I wanted and then upload them all at once to the email, now for some reason it will only let me upload one...
  14. stevecarol

    uploading a photo

    Hi All As i am known as a techno phobe can someone explain ahow to upload a picture to my public profile. Thanks Steve
  15. M

    Uploading Photos

    Can someone please help me with uploading photos. I must be thick. I've tried a dozen times to do this following the instructions. I get the message that my photo has been uploaded succesfully but then its not there. The only thing I can think is that it is too big, but it does say there is no...
  16. kaplumba

    Uploading Photos

    i've done it despite being very blonde I've managed to put some pics of Datca and surroundings in the gallery. Now I shall be well and truly told off by all those peole living there who want to keep it a secret.
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