1. N

    Updating address on residence permit.

    I don't have much hope that theres anything to do about this than just pay the fine but its quite a lot of money for me so I thought I might just try anyway, otherwise let this just serve as a warning to anyone about the address system in Turkey.... Anyway so I made my residence permit 4 months...
  2. T

    Updating the managment plan in line with condo law

    I read on this site soemwhere that legally the Management Plan must be updated with the latest condominium law is this correct? I cannot find the post. Thanks
  3. gra

    updating Arsa Tapu ?

    Hi all At long last we will recieve the hab cert for our villa and will then update our Arsa Tapu to a full Tapu, has any other members done this and if so what is required and at what cost. Also, will the purchase value that is on the arsa tapu remain the same on the new tapu. Thanks, Gra
  4. A

    Updating MY Tapu

    Akbuk Rob’s attempts to upgrade Tapu from KAT İRTİFAKI to KAT MULKİYETİ or face fines of 1000TL per year. I live in Akbuk permanently so I have more available time to deal such matters than many other British property owners here. I also speak some Turkish which is a help. I know where the...
  5. R

    Updating Tapu thing does it effect owners with house in Akbuk on a site?

    Hello been reading about law being changed and people having to update their Tapu's or being fined upto 1000tl. Is this just for apartment owners or house owners too? Took a look at my Tapu and cannot see any x anywhere in boxes. I own a house in Akbuk on a site and have had my tapu about 3...
  6. Martyn

    Updating Tapu

    We go out in June and I plan to get our Hab Cert off the builder and update the Kat Mulkiyeti box(Kat Irtifaki is checked) on our Tapu. A few questions: 1. Is the original Tapu just altered or is a new Tapu issued? 2. If the latter, do we need to get more photos taken? 3. Do both names on the...
  7. Struggs

    Updating CD/RW Discs

    Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I have saved files on CD/RW, and thought today as I have added to existing files, I would update these. But when I try to save to the disc I get the following message. You do not have the permission to save in this directory. See the administrator to obtain...
  8. W

    Updating Tapu's

    Hi All, Just a little more information regarding Tapu's. I have just been dealing with a small problem for a friend who bought a property in Altinkum in 2004. Her Tapu as a cross in the Kat Irtifaki box signifying that the property is not ready for use. Even though she has been staying in it...
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