1. A

    Windows Updates

    Hello. My laptop has started automatically downloading windows updates. When I logged off last night there were 171 updates to download. Four the previous day. This morning the counter was at 152 updated. After 5 hours the number is the same so not updating. If I remove power and battery from...
  2. D

    What is the latest updates on Ikahmet?

    I previously held an Ikahmet which expired in September of this year, went to Samos from Kusadasi and re-entered on a tourist visa. Long story short choose at the time not to renew my ikahmet but am now looking to apply again now 120 day rule has been annulled. I currently have 15 days left of...
  3. K

    Foreign & Commonwealth Office updates for Turkey

    Issued 29th October 29-10-2016 21:12 PM GMT Latest Update: Summary - On 29 October, the US Department of State ordered the departure of family members of employees posted to the US Consulate General in Istanbul due to security information indicating extremist groups continue aggressive efforts...
  4. MiddleEarth

    Google trying to get updates to Android faster

    If you use an Android tablet or phone and you do NOT use a Google Nexus product, you are probably not getting the latest updates at the same time as the Nexus products get them. Samsung is especially bad about not updating their older phones with Android feature and security updates. It appears...
  5. S

    Kindle critical updates required by 22nd March

    Hav'nt seen anything on here yet regarding Amazon Kindle updates. I've been informed as many others have that many Kindles have to be updated. This is now a critical update for many of us because we won't be able to use many of them after 22nd March 2016. We won't be able to access the cloud...
  6. suzyq

    Live Updates for Turkish Elections

    Once again DHN and Today's Zaman are providing live coverage of today's election from start to finish. LIVE: Nov. 1 general elections - POLITICS LIVE: Turks head to polls in rerun of key parliamentary election The Supreme Election Board (YSK) has rejected requests filed by two individuals...
  7. suzyq

    Live Updates for Turkish Elections

    LIVE: Turkey votes in crucial general elections - POLITICS
  8. beyazbayan

    Skype Updates

    İt seems every time İ get an update it locks me out and İ have to go through a complicated rigmarole to re-set passwords etc to get back in. Anyone else had this problem?
  9. J

    Installing Windows 8 updates - help

    Can anyone please help on this? Windows 8 After installing automatic updates this message appears: 'Preparing to configure windows do not turn of your computer' then this message appears: 'Failure configuring windows updates Reverting changes do not turn of yr computer' does this mean the...
  10. S

    Still no updates???

    Reading the recent property thread got me to thinking about the soon to be introduced 2014 RP changes. Anyone got any more info yet??? I suppose with the changes due in April it will be May before the Turks tell us
  11. Tommie

    Windows 8.1 Critical Updates

    Has Microsoft done it again? In simple non-technical terms it looks like Microsoft will not support critical updates unless users update to 8.1 by 2015. Apparently, one cannot update to 8.1 unless you have a 64-bit processor. More...... Has anyone gone to 8.1 with a 32-bit processor?
  12. altinkum kev

    Check the latest updates

    Check this especially the driving licence bit. https://www.gov.uk/living-in-turkey And it is bang up to date.
  13. juco

    Vatican updates child sex laws

    Vatican.....newly defined sex crimes against children carry a sentence of up to twelve years. Now thats an improvement, but wait a minute! they have also made it a criminal offence to leak official information. Because all sex crimes are kept confidential, there is no longer a legal way for...
  14. I

    Updates on other areas not Altinkum Beach

    Hiya guys, with all this stuff about Altinkum Beach from how is Yesilkent Beach looking..when I went last year I spent most of my time there with the kids..it was just perfect also does Mavisehir have a beach..we did go down to see the sunset there and went the the market area. I never really...
  15. ted j

    Microsoft to start automatic updates

    They want to start giving you automatic updates from January Be very wary of this and if in any doubt, do like I do and have them just notify you of updates, ( 9 times out of 10 , they aren't necessary) The downside is, if you don't stop them like this, they will "upgrade" your system, to the...
  16. A89

    updates wont install

    Hi, having problems installing updates again. Ive disabled zone alarm but 6 updates still wont install. Im getting error message 80070BC9 Can anyone help? Im using windows 7 if that info is needed.
  17. ZiaCa'

    Flight Updates?

    Thomas Cook still have no information on when my Thurs 22nd DLM-LGW is being rescheduled for. They asked me to call in tomorrow morning. Anyone else waiting to hear on their flight? I have another 3 flights booked, but if I don't get back to UK in time I'll miss them and I'm wondering if I...
  18. M

    10th March updates

    here is my update, not a lot going on around the appartments so didnt take any pics they are still on pool, dont quite know how it will look when done but its taking its time growing, must be a tricky job at least the big hole they had last month is filled in ha ha mo
  19. ted j

    Don't install updates

    If you run windows, don't install the latest updates, there is something wrong with them. I'll try and post the link this afternoon no time now. Ted
  20. W

    Dingles Dongles and updates!!

    Please find my original Post I meant to post first on the Datca site. .... As I was unable to get a land line because I do not have residence I decided to invest in a USB dongle. The problem then became which way to go....Turkcel or Vodofone. I thought I would share my experience so far if it...
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