1. immac

    Opera New Update

    If you are using Opera, you should update to the new Opera 64 version. From Techradar: "... and can now block all third-party tracking cookies automatically to prevent advertisers following you around the web. This isn't just good news from a privacy perspective, as it stops companies building...
  2. K

    Laptop flight ban update

    Here's a heads up. . . Government lifts laptop cabin ban on most UK flights from Turkey and Tunisia | City A.M.
  3. A

    Update on George in Alanya Prison

    I have just been informed that George will be in Alanya Prison for 2 years. No other information forthcoming at present. Does anyone else know? Perhaps A89 Alison? I have sent him 2 x letters - - the second one enclosed the baseball cap with GEORGE on it - - have heard nothing from him...
  4. mollag

    Gulen update

    A new foto of Gulen, sinker of the Titanic, appears in the totally independent Turkish press. [/IMG]
  5. mollag

    Gumusluk update.

    Not a lot changed at first look. A number of new houses in various stages of construct. A new BIM almost ready alongside the 101 supermarket. Sadly the Lokanta over by the Guncelen pension has closed, loved that little place. Havnt heard a van chime so far, not gas or water, i'm wondering if...
  6. bickern

    Windows 10 creators update

    Well I took the plunge and updated but can't really say there is anything to write home about (or here for that matter). I will have a play with 3d paint later but as I am as artistic as a brick I doubt I will get anywhere. If I do find anything of interest I will update.
  7. N

    Nilesat update

    Well I finally got the sat man to come out to align my dish. The bad news was that he could not get a signal as well. We can tune to digiturk and others but there is nothing where the nilesat satellite should be. My thoughts are now that I need a bigger dish than the 60 cm one I currently have...
  8. E

    Didim Wifi update

    I signed up with DIDIM WIFI last summer and had them come and install their kit, it's been talked about a fair amount on here, so wanted to give an update. The router they supply is just about adequate, its an old Pirelli DRG A226G ADSL Modem/Router on which they modify one of the LAN ports to...
  9. N

    Nokta court case any up-date?

    Its been a while since any posts re Nokta court case and the Tapu issues on certain sites just wondering if anybody has heard the latest news on Nokta or is there any news at all? Cheers.....
  10. L

    Free driver update.

    Is there a free program to update drivers and general clean up,I use Superantispyware at the moment.
  11. immac

    Connection problem after update

    This morning my computer (Win 10) did an automatic update and asked for restart. When I restarted I could not connect to internet using normal method. Windows Network Diagnostics, displayed a problem "one or more protocols are missing on this computer". Another note added "Windows Sockets...
  12. Yildez Datca

    Update - hats for refugees

    Tomorrow I'll be sending off 3 large boxes full of hats and new baby clothes - 450 hats to be precise!!! 450, I can't believe it!!! An enormous thank you to everyone who contributed, by knitting, buying new items, making phone calls, contributing to the cargo costs - you know who you are!! An...
  13. Tommie

    Facebook Page Update

    I'm trying to update a FB page for a user but clearly I don't have the authority to do so. The owner of the page, who has given me the OK to change it, does not know who created it. One of his clients created it for him but he is not sure who did it. This is not uncommon for quite a few FB...
  14. suzyq

    Update on Didim Mayor's Meeting

    Foreign community quiz the mayor Also the Mayor made a number of pledges http://2014.voicesnewspaper.com/index.php/2014-01-28-21-53-58/didim-news/675-didim-mayor-makes-a-number-of-pledges
  15. suzyq

    Consulate Update

    RESIDENCE permits, driving licenses and ISIS were in the mix of issues addressed at the latest meeting hosted by the British Embassy in Didim yesterday (Mon Apr 13). Here is a rundown of the issues addressed by Mr Timothy Fisher, HM Consul for Turkey. The meeting which last just over an hour...
  16. K

    Turkish residency rules update

    The UK in Turkey Facebook page has provided an update on how residency rules are being applied. UK in Turkey Facebook page This is our take on KTLN: KTLN residency article
  17. Tommie

    Update on registration of UK phone

    New rules for registering a UK phone in Turkey were announced last week. You now have 60 days in which to register it, and you can even do it online. More....
  18. beyazbayan

    Urgent update ─░kamet

    UKinTurkey Update to the Health Insurance requirement for Residence Permits: We have recently received information from the General Directorate of Migration Management (GDMM) that the health insurance requirement for residence permit applications has now been lifted for applicants over 65...
  19. T

    Update Google Chrome

    Can anyone tell me how I can update Google Chrome please? I do not want Google Chrome to update itself automatically but I would like to update it manually if possible.
  20. G

    Poor Garys update

    Hi all, Following on from the drama that finally got Gary to Turkey, it hasn't ended there! We were both convinced that he was flying home tomorrow, Friday. It's even in my diary, so therefore it must be right! :nod: Not! Anyway, on Wednesday he was phoned by our friend who he had hired a car...
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