1. A89

    anyone collecting unwanted items??

    Does anyone know of anyone collecting things for bring and buy etc? I have a few things to donate but will have to bin them if I cant find anyone. I have a couple of very plain light fittings that i'm only getting rid of because in summer I had the lights with an overhead fan attached fitted...
  2. bickern

    Remove Unwanted Toolbars and Start-ups

    If you accidentally install toolbars, add-ons or other software you can't get rid of, try using Toolbar Cleaner. It can remove many common unwanted toolbars and add-ons from your browser. It's easy to use and it installs fast. But TAKE NOTICE! Read the install screens! This program offers to...
  3. J

    Unwanted Clothes

    Hi. Does anyone know of somewhere like a clothing bank in Side where you can drop off unwanted clothes? Thanks.
  4. R

    Unwanted Water Heater (Termosifon)

    I have just moved house and am left with a Baymak 80 litre water heater. It is 2 years old but has only been in use for a year. If anyone is interested n it please PM me. I have all the fitting instructions and connections.:emptybath
  5. P

    unwanted x2 return flight tickets for sale

    Hi guys, I have 2x return flight tickets for sale if anybody is interested. Unfortunatly i will not be able to go due to personal reasons. Please see below details of flights Outbound Flight number OHY4853 Departs Birmingham at 09:00 on 07/07/2010 Arrives Bodrum at 15:00 on 07/07/2010...
  6. YogiPJ

    Anyone got an unwanted Crate / Kennel

    Hi As some of you may have seen I am desparately searching for a home for a lovely pup outside my house. Temporarily he needs a shelter. I tried to search for a crate of some kind which will shelter him from wind and rain yesterday but couldnt find one. I will cover the inside with plastic...
  7. madturkishcow

    Unwanted Parasites.........................

    Hi! Just had to get this off my chest tonight because İt has really upset me.Those of you ın the know,will know who I am refering too and if you had any doubts about her sanity before, this certainly confirms the worse! As you know İ stupidly offered kadin a place to stay whilst she sorted...
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