1. M

    How to unlock iPhone 4

    Does any one know how I can unlock my english iPhone 4 so I can use a Turkish sim? And how much it might cost? Without regular wifi I will need the sim for 3G use mainly Any help will be appreciated
  2. v6cod

    No need to unlock your phone!

    Hi All, Whilst in Dalyan last week I had the opportunity to try a friends turkcell pay as you go sim card in my o2 contract phone and it worked perfectly. Not sure as to how the phone locking works over here but on my Nokia it didn't hinder the turkcell one.
  3. W

    Free Nokia phone unlock code

    Hi All, Been surfing today looking for info on how to unlock my wifes Nokia mobile phone before we travel over to Altinkum in 2 weeks. If you have a Nokia phone? I've found this website where you can unlock your phone very easily and FREE...
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