1. H

    any feedback on Uğur AirCon units

    looking to replace my 8yr old aircon units that are on their last legs with more efficient inverter units, independent aircon engineer recommends Uğur units, searching the web seems that they are the largest Turkish refrigeration company and the spec looks fairly good. anyone with real life...
  2. B

    Aircon units

    Hi does anybody know if aircon units can be adapted with pay as you go meters? . I have an apartment in didim - off marina rd. if anybody has had this done or know if it can be done I would appreciate any information Thank you
  3. culturevulture

    types of airconditioning units???

    Can someone tell me in simple terms, as to what is the difference between, inverted, split and plasma airconditioning units, please? I am thinking of changing the one in my salon to a more energy efficient one, for heating during the winter. Are there better brands than Beko or Bosch? Mary.
  4. L

    Air-condition units

    Hi, Can anyone recommend which air-con units to buy and suppliers for Akbuk area? I guess there are no fitters in Akbuk probably Didim maybe?? Thank you, Lindo
  5. immac

    Which Air Con Units?

    I am going to buy new Air Con this summer. Advice on which are best would be useful and which to avoid even better. There was news a few years ago to avoid Chinese made units. Anyone experienced problems with these? Any makes to avoid? Is there any new technology coming along worth waiting...
  6. D

    Legonella Treatment for Airconditioning Units

    We need someone to treat our airconditioning units before the summer season. We did have Legonella treatment done a couple of years ago but have not been able to get someone to carry this out for the last 2 years. Can anyone help by recommending someone locally who can do this at a reasonable...
  7. I

    Beko air conditioning units

    Hello i want to buy some Beko Air conditioning in North Cyrprus. The model numbers i have been quoted for are BK260INVS 26000 BTU Inverter - andBK130AK 12000 BTU A Plus - I would like more information on these units and the a plus and inverter model but I can not find these model no.s...
  8. Martian106

    Portable Air Con units

    Guys, still looking for an Aircon solution for small bedrooms, Does anyone know ehere I can get the 10k btu portable units similar to the ones they sell in B&Q about £250.00, Have searched in Manavgat and Side no luck, does any one have any Ideas if any sells these things in the area, even...
  9. altinkum kev

    Kitchen units for sale

    Is your kitchen looking tired, For sale kitchen units top and bottom can be fitted as photos or along a straight wall,also included is a cooker hood i have removed the units today ,already to fit may deliver,£300 the lot.
  10. P

    3 Air Con Units For Sale - Fethiye

    3 Air Condıtıoning Units For Sale 1 x 18000 BTU - 400TL 1 x 12000 BTU - 250TL 1 x 12000 BTU - 250TL OR 800TL for all 3 of them!!!! Blueline, all 3 are in excellent condition and were only bought in Feb last year. We are moving into a new place with aircon already installed hence we are...
  11. niyaz

    airconditionong units

    Hello lovely people, does anyone know how much will airconditioning unit cost for a medium size bedroom in Dalaman, thanks.
  12. S

    Konbara free units offer

    Does anyone know if this still applies when topping up your Turkcellphone, ie free Kontours when you add new ones. I know it used to apply to all Turkcell phones but is it now only on certain plans? Thanx
  13. M

    Storage units

    hi again everyone is there anywhere you can buy those plastic storage sheds you know the ones I mean in UK you can get them from B&Q there are some the size of a bike shed and some that are quite narrow about 24" wide that stand upright and have 2 doors one above the other. Fancy one for my...
  14. V

    Turkcell: How do I buy units!?

    Okay so I want to load units on a Turkcell prepaid card and I see there's a link on top of the Turkcell site (see for yourself at turkcell.c0m/en (why aren't links allowed on this board!?) and choose English). I have tried both my Visa cards and my MasterCard but I'm still getting some sort of...
  15. L

    Servicing Air Con Units

    Can anyone advise on servicing of air conditioning units. I'm told that units need treating for legionella but not sure how often. What would be the approximate cost for servicing - 2 bedroomed apartment (3 air con units).
  16. J

    bathroom units

    can anyone tell me where i can buy bathroom storage unit s from in didim areathanks
  17. C

    Free units from Turkcell

    Anyone who uses a turkcell prepay will get free units when they load units onto there mobile and also when other people call you. To get these free units send a text to *131# turkcell will then send you a text on how many free units you have. You then need to text back the amount of units...
  18. Z

    Price for 3 air con units please?

    Sorry to bring subject up as i know its been discussed before, but just want to know from a few of you how much for 3 air con, without all the technical info please. Things are certainly going mad out there, as my estate agents have just quoted me £1,030. 7 weeks ago they quoted me £8oo. So if...
  19. B

    Kitchen Units

    Absolutly hate the Kitchen Units in our place, they are definitly not the one,s that I chose to be fitted[xx(]and as for the handles well not even going there[V] Would it be possible to get replacement doors and drawer fronts like we can now get here in the U.K that way would not have to replace...
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